NEMONICS (Houston, TX) – Bebe’s Kids (1999) ///


Originating from Houston, Texas, Nemonics is a dude whose name says it all. Nemonics is a play on the word ‘mnemonics’, which means any device that helps you to remember certain information. For him that means going back to the lyrics in hip hop to remind listeners that lyricism is a big part of this art. Through his music he continues the remembrance of the age when positivity, dopeness and awareness were in the forefront of hip hop; The Golden Age. Nemonics started off flowing in cyphers in the school hallways and lunchroom of his high school. That’s when he realized the power of words and fell deeper into crafting his lines.  Having been influenced by a wide range of music throughout his childhood (Names like Sade, Shabba Ranks, Fleetwood Mac), and by the Golden Era as an older cat, he has crafted his own unique style.

His album, “A Thousand Pictures”, dropped at the end of 2012. It has already been praised by reviewers. A reviewer with Vents Magazine said it “truly will not leave you the same after listening.” His favorite and most critically acclaimed tracks from ATP are “Bebe’s Kids”, “Runway”, and “Digital”. Nemo is continuing to record tracks for his next album whose title is to be announced. He stated, “This new project is really forward thinking.” Nemo also said,” I have good messages to put out and I do it in way that the youth can still relate, like what Tribe did in their time but only now it’s 2013.”That album is scheduled to be released in early fall of this year. He’s currently working on his next music video as well doing performances in both the Houston and Austin, TX area. Get familiar. Check out his stuff and you will quickly become a fan. Get connected with him:



CLOCKWIZE (Los Angeles, CA) – Self.Ish Devotion ///

pic 2

Member of “Crop Circles720”.

Mc/Dj/Producer “Clockwize”  continues his solo journey by bringing you his 2nd single off the new E.P titled “Verbal In A Cup” out 6/25/13 on Echoes Of Oratory Muzik. Check the rhyme scheme as it flows undoubtedly over the featured solid production by “dRty”.  Video directed by Bad Fame Media. Enjoy!

Soundcloud link for free d’load:

@clockwize720 ///

MELANIN 9 (North London) – “Heartless Island” ft. TRIPLE DARKNESS ///

Following the phenomenal international response to his debut album “Magna Carta” which released on 3rd December, Melanin 9 has just launched the final video from this project “Heartless Island” featuring his long time sparring partners Triple Darkness with production courtesy of Jehst.
Just as with previous joints Organized Democracy and DJ Magazine Hip Hop Single of the Month “White Russian” ft Roc Marciano, this is another banger with all artists on top of their lyrical game over a slammin beat.
Melanin 9 has just released the vinyl version of Magna Carta, and has been busy in the studio recording new projects including a new track with Planet Asia. He has several live appearances coming up including a performance at London’s iLuvLive at the end of May, and featuring on the main stage at the UK’s Boom Bap Festival in September.  Definitely one to keep your eyes on over the next 12 months

PSALM ONE (Chicago, IL) – Queen Until (Prod. By PANIK) ///


Panik & Psalm One (a.k.a. Hologram Kizzie) team up for the new single off Panik’s upcoming album “Coloring Outside The Lines.” Check out the new video directed by Sense Hernandez from Beast Factory Films.

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With accesories and regimines being more exciting than some females these days, it’s nice to know that some of us can still rap. Rhymesayers has its hands full with this one, but part of that is because she has boobs. Psalm One, the self-proclaimed “fuck a” fem-cee is gearing up for her second offering, the follow-up to 2006’s critically acclaimed “The Death of Frequent Flyer”. After telling academia to piss off, then inviting it into the bathroom again, touring, male-to-female-to-female contact, manicures and dirt baths, Psalm is doing the unthinkable: letting you in. With the skills that are hardly anything but stellar, new production, old friends and the world by the tight and curlies, it’s on once again. And what more could you ask for? She’s not your prom date; she’s the one you hung out with at prom in the back of mom’s volvo, got blasted and talked about all the people with their noses in the air and thumbs up their asses. And she plays drums. Go figure.

In 2005 she was named as on of URB’s Next 100 and featured “as next to blow up” in such publications as: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times and The Onion which only added fuel to her ever-glowing fire. In 2006 these same publication touted “The Death of Frequent Flyer” as the best Chicago album of the year. So let’s get higher. The new as-yet-untitled album has all the makings of a masterpiece from a master who is still mastering herself. But masterbates. If you will. Back in the studio, back on her veggie tacos and ddr, and back for those who love her, who like her, and who just wanna look at a female spitting like that. Brace yourself for some searching and headnodding. It’s totally lovely.Chicago remains on her heart, the universe is on her brain and you can be damned sure the world is her playground. She doesn’t like oysters. Psalm One, Rhymesayer representer, Chicago darling and available for download right now. Don’t slumber. Unless there’s cute undies, fingernail art and pillows involved. Holla at her. ///

CHILDISH (Seoul, South Korea) – Wash My Tears Away ///

The 2nd single from Triskaidekaphobia, Wash My Tears Away.  Produced by Mono A. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Black Swan Audio.  All Music is original. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered in Seoul, South Korea.
Childish is an English Teacher, but also is an MC who represents South Florida, Raleigh, NC, and Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX.
Raw, Underground and Independent. True Hip Hop!
Artist: Childish
Album name: Triskaidekaphobia
Album Download Link:

C PHYSICS (Columbus, OH) – “Fresh State Of Mind” MIXTAPE ///


Chris Payne aka C Physics, actively writing and recording music for 5 years! Got his recording start at The Remix Live Studio’s,  in Cols, Ohio.  20 yrs old MC that had no words for the amount of passion he have for  music and dedication;  ready to succeed in this business. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio but got his career jumping in Columbus Ohio.  He recently got management with TeemMojo Promotions and Management LLC. ( 614-375-0987). 

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NO ONE (Oceanside, CA) – Going Gets Rough ///

No One

No One (Stephen James) was born on November 30th 1988 in Oceanside CA. Like many others he grew up without his biological father but luckily for him his grandfather took in his mother, sister and himself giving him a positive male father figure to look up to. No Ones mother has battled meth addiction since before he was born exposing him to the negatives of drug use at an early age. When he was twelve his grandfather slowly died of emphysema. This hit him hard and took him along time for him to bounce back from the depression it had caused. In high school he started freestyling with friends and enjoyed the feeling he received when releasing stress, tension and anger into his flow. As time passed what he started doing for fun became a serious pursuit for him to create heartfelt music which he hopes to impact others as it has impacted him.
Featured UndergroundHipHopBLOG song: GOING GETS ROUGH off ” BRAIN INVADERZ” (2012).
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