PAWZ ONE – GOING BACK, off the recommended album “Virbal Virus 2.5” (IZRL Records / Step Down Music)


Postcards hitting the streets!!! You ready!!!


Hand selected submission for Late May 2012 – ELG out of Philadelphia, PA

ELG is a 19 year old artist out of Philadelphia, PA. He just released his highly anticipated DEADSTOCK mixtape two days ago. The concept behind the project is absolutely beautiful

Recommended album for Mid MAY 2012: Blown Celeb : 1000 Screaming Kamikaze’s

Shout outs to Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling!!!

Blown Celeb : 1000 Screaming Kamikaze’s (Digital)

Blown Celebs new album, A 1000 Screaming Kamikaze’s!

Marathon Man (prod. by Einstein)
The Hardness feat. PKON & Jaysaun (prod. by Mighty MI)
Name Droppin (prod. by Eloqwent)
Big Joker Interlude 1
Four Phases feat. Pkon, Big Krunch (prod. by Dysposable Heroes)
World Dom (prod. by Einstein)
Real, Ruff and Rugged feat. RA the Rugged Man (prod. by Samplecentric)
Big Bang Theory (prod. by Dj Remode)
Nerves Of Ice (prod. by Samplecentric)
Lights Out feat. Edo G (prod. by Egadz
Vertigo feat. PKON & LMNO (prod. by Egadz)
Big Yokes Smoke Break
Krowns Been Heavy feat. Rakaa Iriscience
Hvy W8s feat Nabo Rawk (prod. by Dysposable Heroes)
Kali Kings (prod. by Samplecentric)
They Gunna Pay feat Slaine, Master Fuol (prod. by Illnaughty)
Big Joker Interlude 2
Dark Skys (prod. by Prevent)
In Case You Forgot (prod. by Einstein)
Cult 45 feat. Oak Lone Tree (prod. by ES 9)
Petey Pobs (prod. by Dj Shaq)

MID MAY 2012 MUSIC!!! A great line up of artists and producers that preserve the integrity of Hip Hop!!!

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Dope submission of the week | Watch “ANTAHLYZAH feat. OWBESE “STRANGERS OF THE NIGHT & LOST IN A LABYRINTH”” on YouTube

Featured Video for Early May….Big Ups the DoppelGangaz !!Enjoy!!