“Dedication to Female MCs” June 2012 – FAWKSIE 1 (L.A.) Official Article ///

FAWKSIE 1 (L.A.): A Master Of Ceremonies Los Angeles native Fawksie 1 grew a love for hip-hop at a young age.  Whether it was tagging her name or recording mix tapes on her tape deck via fm radio. Exploring vinyl and discovering LA underground hip-hop in her teens is what sparked the flame for this connoisseur.
It’s passion, hip-hop is a culture and with that comes respect.
1999 Fawksie 1 received her name in her first freestyle cypher.  Entering the middle of the circle, voices of other MC’s we’re naturally over powered by this fierce young lady.  Battling men and woman with a genuine freestyle craft, yet no desire what so ever to write down not one lyric.  Then one day fate awaited her when she was invited to listen to a new instrumental by a persistent local MC.  She then entertained her curiosity, with Cool Edit Pro and headphones as a mic but it most definitely paved the way for a life long love affair with the art and most definitely turned a negative into a positive for this street artist, through rap form!   This was 2004, she proceeded to write, record, and do live performances on stage and moved forward entering a group project by the name of Heart Minds they released two albums between 2004-2005.  Then also became a part of a all female group by the name of EarthStonez a Los Angeles/Las Vegas based all female collective which she is still currently active with.  Fawksie 1 has put a enormous amount of heart and investment into this community & will continue do so as an artist.  She has released one mix and mastered project by the name of “Don’t Take Me Lightly” in 2010 and currently working on a number of upcoming projects.  All the while recording in her own pro-tools studio with some mixing skills still growing intact she is always looking for new producers, dj’s, vocalists, artists of all walks of life to lend a helping hand to a hard working independent MC like her.

Please contact her for bookings, collaborations, inquiries etc.
via email: or visit


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