“Dedication to Female MCs” July 2012 – PLA!N J.A.N.E. (San Diego) Official Article ///

Pla!n J.A.N.E may be Just Another Needed Emcee in this vast Scene, but she puts it down like no other. She is one of San Diego’s hardest working emcees to date. She has a unique style and delivery that sets her aside from the typical female emcee, letting her lyrics speak for themselves. Plain Jane is definitely not new to the area, Whether it was break dancing when she was younger, or running promotions on street teams, or stepping to the mic representing as an emcee, she has always been contributing to the local hip hop scene is. She just finished her 5th and most awaited album “J.A.N.E 4 PROM QUEEN” and is in the works of performing at a local venue near you. She is always down for a collaboration and trying new creative ideas. “J.A.N.E  4 PROM QUEEN” was based on experimenting with new sounds and styles, and branching out and working with different producers which turned out very well, even a collaboration with The Olympicks. This green eyed bandit is definitely a keeper in the hip hop community. She will always leave you wondering what she will do next. Her most recent project is a mixtape called “Microphone Huggerz” . On any downtime available she is steady working on collabs and working on projects with her camp WDWC (WeDaWestCamp), and is still pushing the most recent album…..Stay Tuned …its sure to get more interesting.
Contact for info or bookings:

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