THE IN-SECT (Ohio) “Virtual Fossils & Future Maps” (2012) ALBUM REVIEW ///


ALBUM REVIEW:  After listening to this album front to end, THE IN-SECT definitely kept the integrity high on his debut album “Virtual Fossils & Future Maps” (2012).  His production and lyrics describe a lifestyle most Hip Hop heads would relate to while listening to a musically diversified mixture of smooth and hardcore Hip Hop sounds.   While most MCs we have ran into use collabs with headline names to grab attention, THE IN-SECT was real conservative on this project, which always gives an album more of an original feel.  We definitely gained a sense of appreciation for this influencial solo project.  The 3 tracks that catch our attention are TOPLESS, CULTURE CLASH, & TERRA.  The ORIGINALITY BREAK INTERLUDE produced by GRAPHIUM is real dope too.  Everything you expect in a Hip Hop album, THE IN-SECT delivers.  We recommend this album to all Hip Hop heads and music lovers.

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“Virtual Fossils & Future Maps” Album Links:

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