THE LIFTED GIFTED (SoCal) “The End Of Daze” (2012) ALBUM REVIEW ///


1) The End Of Daze
2) Looking Up
3) The Last Laugh ft Drone
4) Brain On Drugs ft Nino White
5) Flip Out
6) State Of Mind
7) Caught Her Slippin
8) The Collab ft Drone
9) Ether ft Lil Wyte
10) Away From You
11) Might Be Twisted ft GrewSum
12) Worst Nightmare ft Drone
Produced by THE WITCH DR

Album Review:  The wordplay in this album really preserved the integrity we look for in Hip Hop.  THE LIFTED GIFTED consists of 2 MCs with the goal in providing the music community original Hip Hop, and creative hyped live performances.  Coming from Southern Cali where Hip Hop is a huge lifestyle, LG seems to fit right in with the current scene of young creative talent.  Their debut album, THE END OF DAZE, really caught our attention from front to end.   With tracks like “Looking Up”, Brain On Drugs ft. NINO WHITE, and “The Collab ft. DRONE”, they give us real Hip Hop heads something dope to listen too, FINALLY!  While many listeners crave for lyrics they can understand and relate to, LG comes through for them.  We really enjoyed reviewing THE LIFTED GIFTED’s debut album, and wish the best for them.  The staff here at is looking forward for future projects from THE LIFTED GIFTED.  This album is a great buy!


Music videos:

Here is our album purchase link:




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