Album Review: TALL CITY – ISLATI THE REVO (Colorado Springs) “Scarecrows” (2012)

There are only a few albums that we’ve ever came across that immediately grab our attention with songs like “State of the Union” introducing 8 tracks of integrity based Hip Hop front to end.  We are proud to recommend IslatiTheRevo’s “Scarecrows” release fully produced by Tall City.  With beats and rhymes take us back to the rare 90’s sound when real Hip Hop was at its creative peak, the album definitely serves the needs to hip hop heads looking for an influential style you can bump for decades to come.  With smooth sounding tracks like “Appreciation”, to neck breakers like “Balance Within Reason”, we can truly appreciate lyricism and creativity that could never die in the Hip Hop culture.

Biography: IslatiTheRevo (isolated revolution: one person trying to change the world)

Started off as a spoken word poet, then transitioned into writing songs
in pursuit of a dream of being a hip hop artist. Not just a rapper, but one
who can create a more positive atmosphere in hip-hop and encourage people
to stand for what is right and just. Ultimately, the vision is for good
people to no longer be victims of evil, but conquerors as we traverse this

Semi-Finalist on Rap Competition

Occupation: Joined the Army in 2003, served in Baghdad and Kuwait as a
demolitions specialist, and will be deploying again to Afghanistan in November
of 2012.

Book 1: The Declaration [2010] (
Making of a god [2011] (
Scarecrows [2012] (



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