SYNTAX VERNAC (Las Vegas) – Spring Broken (2011) ALBUM REVIEW ///

Album Review: With tracks like “The Bloom” & “Suzie Dandelion”, a feature with DREWID of SPEACH IMPEDIMENTS (O.C.), and  production solely by Germany’s own NEGUNDO of LSR, this release is a must grab.  It’s a combination of influential styles all mixed in one project.  SINTAX VERNAC’s release “Spring Broken”, a 2nd in a 4 part seasonal series, consists of 4 tracks and 4 instrumentals providing Hip Hop fans a short take of what’s to come in the near future for him and the rest of the KEEP RECORDS / SPEACH IMPEDIMENTS family.  “Spring Broken” was recorded on the last day of Spring 2011 making the series a really thoughtful, and planned out project that has the staff here at anticipating for the 3rd part of the series.  For artists who want something to write to, we recommend NEGUNDO’s instrumentals on this project too.


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