INTERNATIONAL MAVERICK “Q&A Interview” w/ (2012)

-Tell us a little about yourself. Where you are from? (Bio) How long have you been making Hip Hop?

I’m an emcee/producer born and raised in Chicago.  I’ve always had a love for Hip Hop since a kid so it started with freestyle sessions with my homies then started putting my rhymes on paper so I could really master my craft as far as delivery, cadence and wordplay but I didn’t really get serious as far as perusing a career in music until I started making my own beats about 3 yrs ago.

-What influences you in making Hip Hop?

My life in general influences me.  My day to day living and past experiences and my own self expression is my way of ventilating emotions that I have through music, I try to be as creative as possible.  My goal is to cultivate my own sound.

-Describe your music, and what separates you from other MCs?

My music is the yin/yang of my spirit try a give listeners an idea of what’s really going on in my mind or what I gone through and/or trying to achieve.  A part of me is a real big shit talker (but what rapper isn’t) and a part of me is conscious.  I think the 1 thing that separates me from most mc’s is that I produce all of my own music, which gives me a unique sound.

-Who have you collaborated with? Who would like to collab with in the near future?

I haven’t done any collabs as of yet but I’m not opposed to it.  As far as the near future I’d love to get in the studio with some of my favorites such as Nas, AZ, Lloyd Banks, Kanye, Jay Z, T.I., Kendrick Lamar, Twista, Fabulous, Jadakiss, Styles P, Freeway, Mos Def, and this list could get long. Lol!

-Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Underground hip-hop is where most of the creative and hungry artists are.  We’re so passionate about achieving the dream we really put our all into our music with the grind, sleepless nights, taking risks, self belief, self motivation, passion and all out determination to reach goals.

-Production wise, who are your influences? Who does your production, and who would you like to work with?

Like I said I do all my own production but I’m not opposed to rhyming on someone else’s track.  But my major influences are Ryan Leslie, Swizz Beats, Dr. Dre, 40(drakes producer), 9th Wonder, Hitboy, Kanye West, Alchemist

-Any current or future projects you are promoting?

As of now I’m promoting my latest visual for my song 5 L’s that recently hit 140k+ views via youtube.  My plan is to do more visuals in the coming months to get people more familiar with my brand.  I probably won’t do another mix tape until I’ve created a bigger buzz for myself, don’t want to drop mix tapes just to say I did it, because it could be great music but if you haven’t established a strong fan base it may get over looked even though u feel it’s a dope project.

-Where can we find your music and info?

You can find my music at  I’m on twitter @_imav.  Reverbnation/InternationalMaverick and Soundcloud/InternationalMaverick

-Any shout outs?

I want to shout out the whole Chicago underground hip-hop scene, we finally getting a ill recognition from the industry.


Submission Pick: MARZ THE SUPERIOR (New Orleans) – Cochise ///

Submission Pick: MC SINCERE (Hemet, Ca) – THE COME UP (Prod. by C6) ///

253515_387360861337682_35307083_n - Copy

Sincere is defined as: free of deceit, hypocrisy, or falseness; earnest; and that’s how I like to kick it. I’m currently 19 and reside in Hemet California. I Started writing my songs and performing in front of crowds since I was 13. Even though I spit for my Lord and Savior the broad purpose of my music is to promote choosing a better lifestyle and rising above today’s low moral expectations. I have released multiple unnamed albums and one official album titled Modern Day Hero. My next official release (Heart & Soul)  is scheduled to drop early February 2013 and will be a short 6-8 track album. How famous I become is irrelevant to me because my initial goal is to help change lives and be there for people who at times may not feel they can stand alone. All my success and future success I credit to God who gave me this Gift. At the end of the day, no one is perfect but with some persistence and consistency we can all rise above the norm and be Heroes of our World. 

FB: /
Instagram: mcsincere

2012 Release: BIZARRE STATE (Houston) ALBUM REVIEW ///

Album Review:  With an appropriate intro to this album, the sounds provided by BIZARRE STATE in this release do require a non-sensitive listener.  With raw recorded lyrics over transverse beats and smooth melodies,  tracks like “Smack” & “Rummage” are personal BLOG favorites.  BIZARRE STATE out of Houston is a young crew with more music we look forward to listening too in the near future.  Front to end this release has a personal touch to it since it’s 100% written and produced in house keeping the integrity of independent Hip Hop alive, we recommend this project to all Hip Hop heads.

Follow BIZARRE STATE: |  | |

Justin Giants – Briddicks

Promo Pick: International (Block Alumni) – No Wheaties OFFICIAL VIDEO (Prod. Big KRIT)///

Block Alumni’s members A-Oz and International have been adhering to music since a early age. Hailing from the small city of Jackson,MI, the golden era styled hip hop artist/producer duo have their fair share of life experience. This is displayed vividly in their compositions making it easier to understand their musical influences. These influences reign from artists such as Nas, The Roots, Little Brother, and Black Star.

The groups first mixtape, “For the Love of the Art”(free download here and free hard copies available) released April 25,2012, has built them a growing buzz and continues to do so with budding recognition. Other than promoting their latest mixtape Block Alumni has been doing shows, working on videos, and working on their first full length album which is currently untitled and expected to be released by the end of the year.

The pair of up and coming emcees have been making music together for around 13 years now. Starting off in early and using the lowest quality equipment, they enhanced their skills slowly but surely. Eventually after ending up going their seperate ways, International worked his way up the Colorado/Jackson battle scene while Aoz remained a local talent. Each released their own previous mixtape, International with 2009’s “The Shootaround”, and Aoz along with fellow Jackson emcee Aim dropped the hood classic “The Street Scholars” in 2005. After linking back up in their hometown, the two formed the group Block Alumni in late 2011…. and the rest is history.

 The expectations are high for the true hip-hop team looking to take it back to creativity and content in their genre. Be on the lookout for brand new mixtapes, albums, and videos from these two in very near future!!!!!! Recommended Hip Hop Groups!!!!!

Promo Pick: WINSTON ANTHONY (New Zealand) – TrueColours /// ///// ///// /////

Welcome to The Winner’s Academy

It was long anticipated but on September 12th 2012 Winston Anthony dropped “The Winner’s Academy” EP. The EP is different from “BlankCanvas” in a way that shows more of Winston’s diversity as an artist. He collaborates with artists both from NZ and America making a very well put together international project. The introductory track is an inspirational catching speech which welcomes you to Winston’s journey. He follows on with “Musical Affair” which is a story of Winston’s affair with “Miss Melody”, better known as music and how Winston and Music are a dynamic duo who are supposed to great things together. Next comes “Gone” This track is what happens when you take Hamilton, Wellington and Miami, lock them in some studios and tell them to make magic, the track is very fitting to not only “The Winner’s Academy” but also to Winston Anthony as an individual. After explaining how “they” say he is gone. Winston teams up with the hottest new artist out of Las Vegas, DCross, in “Your City”. A classic style hip hop track about taking over. “Life Sentence” is an interesting one, in this track Winston teams up with the very talented Francis Lindell in a song written by Francis which is an account of a troubled man writing to his mother, father and girlfriend (THIS IS A MUST LISTEN). This is followed by “TrueColours[Part2]” which like part 1 is Winston being brutally honest this time not about what people think of him but about what he thinks, so turning the tables. “Fine Seduction” is for the ladies, the name says it all. Winston and Francis mesmerise the female fans without telling them how good they look in a short skirt or telling them how they would like to fxck them. “Superstar” is the finale and Winston called upon his very good friend Alice to help him out. This is a track for the fans who have seen the making of Winston Anthony, he begins with “This a letter to a younger me”, the rest must be heard. The Winner’s Academy is a project which takes you on a journey and puts you in Winston’s shoes now as a grown man who is ready to be much more than a rapper. Enjoy the free download at

Submission Pick: DAVE EAST (Harlem) – Cold ///

Twitter: @DAVE_EAST  @TeamDaveEast


Dave East was born on June 3, 1988 in New York, NY. He spent a majority of
his childhood playing basketball in the streets, both in the ghettos
of East Harlem and the Ravenswood Housing Projects in Queens. His
remarkable abilities on the court were quickly recognized, which created a
buzz that spread across NYC. East’s commitment to playing ball required a
great deal of energy and focus, yet his fascination with writing music was a
priority. Inspired by artists such as Styles P, Jadakiss, Cam’ron, Max B, BIG,
and Big Pun, East kept a steady diet of music, night and day.
In the classroom, late at night when his family was asleep, and during his
free time, East would dedicate himself to composing music and mastering
his distinctive sound as an artist. However, as Dave’s reputation on the
court continued to grow, he had no choice but to put music on a brief hiatus.
By his sophomore year in high school, Dave’s family relocated to Silver
Spring, Maryland to help further his basketball career. During this
time, East balled with the likes of Kevin Durant (a big supporter ofDave’s
music) and Mike Beasley, receiving regular looks from NBA scouts.
Dave’s passion for music mirrored that of Darryl “Profit” King, an emcee at
his high school. Together these two formed a group called NFL (Never Forgot
Loyalty) and released numerous mixtapes, acquiring a solid fan base in the
DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area.
After high school, East took his talents to the University of Richmond. With
the NBA in sight, and his rap group NFL still in tact, East was a content ball
player/emcee. After a couple of years at Richmond, East transferred to
Towson University in Maryland. Still a dominant force on the basketball
court, East continued his collegiate career until reconnecting with music.
Dave’s new full time endeavor required intense discipline. East and
associates locked themselves in the studio for three solid months
accumulating music, video footage, and contacts. After this long stint in the
laboratory, East’s music caught the ears of DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar, two of
the most prestigious DJ’s in the industry. Within minutes, a dynamic
coalition was formed.
Dave East’s debut project, “Change of Plans,” was hosted by DJ Ill Will and
Rockstar. Since his initial entrance into the industry in 2010, East has
released a total of four mixtapes and is currently working on his first EP
which will be distributed by Foundation Media Group in NYC and released in
summer 2012. While Team East continues to work long hours, the next move
is unknown. Indie or Major? That seems to be the question nowadays…
Dave East’s music can be found on &