Termanology “Exclusive Interview””


In collaboration with the New Hampshire producer DC the MIDI Alien, Carrillo independently released the album Out the Gate in 2005. The single “This Is Hip Hop” attracted the attention of The Source, which featured the rapper in its much-coveted “Unsigned Hype” column. A friendship with the Gang Starr Foundation member Krumbsnatcha led to a meeting with DJ Premier, who was a fan of “This Is Hip Hop”. Termanology’s DJ Premier-produced 2006 single “Watch How It Go Down” generated considerable national and international interest, including an appearance in XXL‘s “Show & Prove” column.

The debut solo album release Politics As Usual on Nature Sounds in 2008 gathered together many of hip hop’s most revered producers as DJ Premier was joined by names like Pete RockLarge ProfessorEasy Mo Bee, and Buckwild. It was well received by critics, though many reviewers noted it lacked the focused aggression throughout that “Watch How It Go Down” had promised.

The rapper’s mixtapes have also attracted critical attention. These include Hood Politics Vols. I–VI; his project over J Dilla beats, If Heaven Was A Mile Away; a collection of fifty of his verses, 50 Bodies; and the compilation of his mixtape cuts, Jackin’ for Beats.

ST Da Squad  is his collaboration with rappers Ea$y Money, Hectic and Snuk. A selection of his featured appearances with other artists can be found on Da Cameo King. The project Time Machine, released in late 2009, was described by the artist as “somewhere between a mixtape and an album”. 1982 was released in October 2010, and is a joint release with producer Statik Selektah.


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