Promo Pick: WINSTON ANTHONY (New Zealand) – TrueColours /// ///// ///// /////

Welcome to The Winner’s Academy

It was long anticipated but on September 12th 2012 Winston Anthony dropped “The Winner’s Academy” EP. The EP is different from “BlankCanvas” in a way that shows more of Winston’s diversity as an artist. He collaborates with artists both from NZ and America making a very well put together international project. The introductory track is an inspirational catching speech which welcomes you to Winston’s journey. He follows on with “Musical Affair” which is a story of Winston’s affair with “Miss Melody”, better known as music and how Winston and Music are a dynamic duo who are supposed to great things together. Next comes “Gone” This track is what happens when you take Hamilton, Wellington and Miami, lock them in some studios and tell them to make magic, the track is very fitting to not only “The Winner’s Academy” but also to Winston Anthony as an individual. After explaining how “they” say he is gone. Winston teams up with the hottest new artist out of Las Vegas, DCross, in “Your City”. A classic style hip hop track about taking over. “Life Sentence” is an interesting one, in this track Winston teams up with the very talented Francis Lindell in a song written by Francis which is an account of a troubled man writing to his mother, father and girlfriend (THIS IS A MUST LISTEN). This is followed by “TrueColours[Part2]” which like part 1 is Winston being brutally honest this time not about what people think of him but about what he thinks, so turning the tables. “Fine Seduction” is for the ladies, the name says it all. Winston and Francis mesmerise the female fans without telling them how good they look in a short skirt or telling them how they would like to fxck them. “Superstar” is the finale and Winston called upon his very good friend Alice to help him out. This is a track for the fans who have seen the making of Winston Anthony, he begins with “This a letter to a younger me”, the rest must be heard. The Winner’s Academy is a project which takes you on a journey and puts you in Winston’s shoes now as a grown man who is ready to be much more than a rapper. Enjoy the free download at


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