Submission Pick: MC SINCERE (Hemet, Ca) – THE COME UP (Prod. by C6) ///

253515_387360861337682_35307083_n - Copy

Sincere is defined as: free of deceit, hypocrisy, or falseness; earnest; and that’s how I like to kick it. I’m currently 19 and reside in Hemet California. I Started writing my songs and performing in front of crowds since I was 13. Even though I spit for my Lord and Savior the broad purpose of my music is to promote choosing a better lifestyle and rising above today’s low moral expectations. I have released multiple unnamed albums and one official album titled Modern Day Hero. My next official release (Heart & Soul)  is scheduled to drop early February 2013 and will be a short 6-8 track album. How famous I become is irrelevant to me because my initial goal is to help change lives and be there for people who at times may not feel they can stand alone. All my success and future success I credit to God who gave me this Gift. At the end of the day, no one is perfect but with some persistence and consistency we can all rise above the norm and be Heroes of our World. 

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Instagram: mcsincere

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