DEE GREENE (Bloomington, IN) – Still Tippin 2K12 (Prod. by CARDO) ///

Meet Dee Greene.  He is a rapper/producer out of Indiana standing out because his songs don’t resemble the average rap song as they aim to portray a positive image and promote a belief in God.  His first mixtape “Cool To Be Good” came out earlier this year (2012) in March but now he is back with his second mixtape “For My G’s” which has nearly 30,000 views on LiveMixtapes.  This kid is on his way to something great, and the staff here at are looking forward to his future projects.
Check out his new instrumental project he recently released:

NIX (Australia) ft. TYCOTIC, LOSTY – Dirty Herbs & Comic Books ///


Nix was born in Broken Hill, raised in North-West Sydney & currently resides in Canberra. Always a fan first, Nix never really took his music too seriously. However recently Nix has made a conscious decision to focus on his music, and this can be seen in the release of his debut mixtape THE NIXTAPE! THE NIXTAPE is a filled with honest and sincere lyrics, smooth flows and dope beats. Featuring artwork from Jim Mahfood (Ziggy Marley, Felt, MF Grimm, Clerks), and guest appearances from Percee P, Illmaculate, LHA, Miss Mich, Losty, Tycotic and Miss M, THE NIXTAPE is sure to be in your rotation for a long time.


REBELS TO THE GRAIN (L.A.) – Hello ///


Rebels To The Grian are back with their latest installment: ‘Hello’ from the album Harvest Season. Today is a good day to call someone…just to say hello. Peace ‘HELLO’ performed by: Rebels To The Grain from the album: Harvest Season

Breakbeats & Rhymes is one of last Hiphop shows on Los Angeles’ FM Airwaves that still plays classic records and todays freshest raps.  Breakbeats & Rhymes’ strives to continue on tradition set by Bobbito & Stretch Armstrong, The Wake Up Show, Friday Night Flavaz & Divine Forces which helped pave the way for Breakbeats & Rhymes. The show is known for its extensive archive of video interviews with artists like Immortal Technique, Dilated Peoples, MURS, Curren$y, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Phife of A Tribe Called Quest and many more. (Click to see our full archive of Video Interviews.)

TAYLOR THRASH (Dallas, TX) – Nice Boy Stupid ///

Taylor Thrash

Taylor Thrash is establishing himself as one of the most highly anticipated emerging artists on the scene with his latest release “The Vacation Mixtape.” The chameleon king of reinvention and evolution, Thrash is widening his repertoire with this collection of hip hop tracks, all written, produced, mixed and recorded by Thrash himself.

Recorded during a creative hiatus, the aptly titled “The Vacation Mixtape” is a tangential release to the hook-laden pop of his debut album Step Forward, showcasing instead some of the grit that comes with the kind of self-produced bedroom recordings prevalent here. On “Vacation,” Thrash feels free to sprinkle in some self-deprecating humor, a few stark non-sequiturs, some snippets of movie quotes and an ode to Jimmy Fallon over original tracks like Awolnation’s “Sail” and other indie and R&B favorites.

Sonically, Thrash gives a nod on “Vacation” to personal heroes like Frank Ocean, R. Kelly and Akon, as well as the homespun, comedic-leaning tracks of writer/actor/ rap artist Childish Gambino. Having just been signed to write songs for Peer Music, the largest independent publishing company in the world, Thrash takes his lyrical prowess on “Vacation” and gives it free reign, feeding off the selected tracks and adding his own spin.  By taking the opportunity to create by rewriting history with this DIY mashup, Thrash is an inspiration to kids everywhere with a microphone and a few words in their heads.

For more information, visit /// Follow him at:

MELANIN 9 (North London) – Organized Democracy ///


London’s Melanin 9 releases his debut album “Magna Carta” on 3rd December 2012.

 He’s built up a reputation as one of the country’s most gifted emcees since working with producers Beat Butcha and Chemo on his first Mixtape “High Fidelity” in 2007, and again in 2008 when he launched “144,000” with contributions from Bronze Nazareth, Jon Phonics, Jehst and his group Triple Darkness.  While rippin the mic at events such as “End of the Weak” or opening for international artists Styles-P, Immortal Technique and Wu Tang, he released the highly rated “Orion’s Stencil” in 2010 and featured on tracks by Killah Priest, Rewd Adams, Terra Firma, Copywrite and Logic.
The new 14 track album drops on Red Snow Records and has been a long time in the making, but is rammed full of slammin’ beats and hard hittin’ rhymes. It includes features from Triple Darkness and Flipmode veteran Roc Marciano with production by Jehst, Anatomy, Parental, Tony Mahoney & Ohbliv.

Submission Pick: S. HABIB (New Jersey) – grEylife​.​.​.​.​.​.​(​morphiNE) Prod. by PROSPEK ///


S. Habib is an emcee out of Newark, NJ and is an incredibly prolific recording artist. having numerous ep’s and lps thru (his own label) Slave Market Radio & New Yokr Based Indie, Bartleby Records.

INTERNATIONAL MAVERICK (Chicago) /// “ 2012 Artist of the Year”

IMAV 2012 AOY Recommended Artist for 2012   “Needle in a haystack type of submissions…Every single time International Maverick submits to the BLOG we always get blown away by his Hip Hop… Clearly one independent  Hip Hop artist on the TOP of our list & truly earned our RESPECT” – STAFF

International Maverick a.k.a IMAV, born Maverick G. Purnell born in the early 80’s is an up and coming hip hop artist from the North side, Uptown area of Chicago, IL . He started rhyming at the age of fourteen and was moved by the lyrics of NaS, “It ain’t hard to tell.” Although, he found his passion due to life circumstance he was forced to put his dreams on the back burner.

In 2009 IMAV and business partner Terrance a.k.a Uptown established a music label DREEM KATCHER MUSIC. It was at this moment that he began to branch out and market himself. In 2010 IMAV teamed up with Ravenous Management managed by Olivia Grisham to advance his career. IMAV’s constant hustle, dedication and passion for music exudes in his performance as well as his first mix tape, Pardon My French. All 17 tracks were written and produced by the lyrical genius himself dropped in the spring of 2011. Post the release of Pardon My French, IMAV had already made his mark showcasing his ability to MC, “move the crowd” in the Chicago area in hot spots such as: The Exedus, Sub T, Bill Blues Bar, Tini Martini and the honorary Victor Hotel. In addition, he has also made cameo appearances on The Miss Mells Show, “The Emcee Corner.” On top of all that with the release of Pardon My French, IMAV in collaboration with Ravenous Management has been hard at work writing and producing 7 videos(via youtube) including “New Old Skool”, “Black Barbie”, “Here We Go”, and “Miss Thang” which is the first single released off his forthcoming second mix tape; Illumination: 3rd Eye Shine.

“New Old Skool” the first single released off of Pardon My French is hip hop in its rawest forms. With beats that are reminiscent of the 80’s, a flow that metaphorically can’t be touched in this day and age followed by a video exemplifying all the elements of hip hop: djing, break dancing and graffiti he will have you yearning for the return of Kriss Kross colours and gold chains.

International Maverick was respectfully mentioned in Chicago ‘s Red Eye December 2010 issue under Kyra Kyle’s’ Track Offcolumn. International Maverick went neck to neck with a fellow local Chicago artist, gaining 45% of Chicago ‘s votes. International Maverick can also be found on ReverbNation, a website displaying other unsigned artists he climbed from 7,000 to 7 in a three month period. International Maverick’s tracks “Kiss the Sky”; “Fire and Ice” and “Got It” has been put into rotation on Chicago ‘s WBMZ Board Member Radio. International Maverick’s single, “New Old Skool” won WUFO’s internet radio based in Charlotte , NC contest; The Launch based off listener’s votes and was put into rotation. “New old Skool” was also recently featured on Chi City Music website and received five stars. IMAV’s ability to produce music that is substantial, with “enough charm to put a smile on Mona Lisa,” and “cooler in real life” persona is exactly what the face of today’s hip hop needs.

International Maverick states, “Maverick is my name and International is my lifestyle. This ain’t swag homie, this is AUTO-PILOT.” International Maverick became his stage name when Maverick first visited Paris three years ago. He came back to the states and six months later returned and traveled to Amsterdam , Germany , Turkey , Rome and Spain . IMAV became inspired after traveling across seas opening his eyes to a different way of life and enhancing a self awareness that life was more than a “9-5”, be inspired as well. “So salud, here’s a toast to my excellence staying true to myself and everything I represent. That’s a testament I’m fresh as a peppermint need I say more or is it self evident?… ” IMAV