Tash (Tha Alkaholiks) “Exclusive Interview” ///


Rico Smith, better known by his stage name Tash, is an American rapper. He is most known for his work as a member of West Coast hip hop group, Tha Alkaholiks alongside J-Ro and E-Swift. He has released two solo albums, Rap Life(1999) and Control Freek(2009), and has worked on five albums with Tha Alkaholiks. Tash recently announced signing with the hip hop record label Amalgam Digital to release his independent debut entitled Control Freek. Tash was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1971, but moved to California at age 16 with his four brothers and mother. His parents divorced the next year, but Tash decided to stay in California and become a rapper. In California, he co-founded Tha Alkaholiks—originally known as ESP, later known as Tha Liks—with fellow Ohio native, DJ E-Swift and a Californian emcee named J-Ro. Tash had previously worked in a group named Disturbers of the Peace with E-Swift and even lived with him, while they each performed music locally. J-Ro had worked with Californian hip hop artists such as Suavee D and King Tee, but never with Tash or E-Swift. Tash’s connection with J-Ro allowed Tha Alkaholiks to appear on King Tee’s 1993 album, Tha Triflin’ Album. Soon after their appearance, Tha Alkaholiks started touring with famed hip hop artists such as Ice Cube, and even inked a record deal with Loud/RCA. After appearing on more songs with Tha Alkaholiks in collaboration with other artists, his party-themed rhymes created much anticipation for his group’s debut album, 21 & Over. It is important to note that in 1993, he also appeared on the track, “Check It Out (Oh Ph*ck Me Right?),” by mad Kap without his group. /// ///


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