TAYLOR THRASH (Dallas, TX) – Nice Boy Stupid ///

Taylor Thrash

Taylor Thrash is establishing himself as one of the most highly anticipated emerging artists on the scene with his latest release “The Vacation Mixtape.” The chameleon king of reinvention and evolution, Thrash is widening his repertoire with this collection of hip hop tracks, all written, produced, mixed and recorded by Thrash himself.

Recorded during a creative hiatus, the aptly titled “The Vacation Mixtape” is a tangential release to the hook-laden pop of his debut album Step Forward, showcasing instead some of the grit that comes with the kind of self-produced bedroom recordings prevalent here. On “Vacation,” Thrash feels free to sprinkle in some self-deprecating humor, a few stark non-sequiturs, some snippets of movie quotes and an ode to Jimmy Fallon over original tracks like Awolnation’s “Sail” and other indie and R&B favorites.

Sonically, Thrash gives a nod on “Vacation” to personal heroes like Frank Ocean, R. Kelly and Akon, as well as the homespun, comedic-leaning tracks of writer/actor/ rap artist Childish Gambino. Having just been signed to write songs for Peer Music, the largest independent publishing company in the world, Thrash takes his lyrical prowess on “Vacation” and gives it free reign, feeding off the selected tracks and adding his own spin.  By taking the opportunity to create by rewriting history with this DIY mashup, Thrash is an inspiration to kids everywhere with a microphone and a few words in their heads.

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