DJ IDOL x STREAK (Dallas x L.A.) – Icarus ///

Well I’m Streak, a producer and rapper, and DJ Idol is a producer. We just happened to stumble on each others music and started collaborating. We made this 8 song EP, which is based off of a space concept called a photon sphere, which is the name of the skewed photons around a black hole. These photons are at a point in which gravity is so strong they are being pulled around the black hole. This concept struck us as interesting so we based the EP on it. We then constructed the beats in the mixtape by flipping the same samples and then attaching the two instrumentals and creating one song out of them. The lyrics are all written and spoken by me. DJ Idol was in charge of the final mixing and mastering.
SoundCloud- DJ Idol :
Streak :
Twitter – Streak: DJ Idol:
BandCamp – DJ Idol :

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