HiGHFii KiDDO “Exclusive Interview”///


Rapper, Lyricist, or as he prefers “Street Poet” , whatever you choose to call him , HiGHFii Kiddo has an undeniable gift for music. Born March 12, to Sophia Woods and Glenford Diego, Davion Cervantes Diego, the twenty-two year old, South Central native grew up the middle child of three kids. Although his father wasn’t prominent in his life, he was a key factor in his love and appreciation for music.

KiDDO recalls countless nights listening to the classic soulful artists such as, Betty Wright, The Temptations, Teddy Pendagrass, and Gladys Knight,just to name a few. “Soul music always had a message behind it, whether about love, or just the everyday life lessons and struggles. It definitely hit home, I make sure to enstill some of those same lessons in my music, but with a twist of more modern situations.” For a kid growing up in the 50’s, 50th and Hoover to be exact, straying away from the cliched gang infested territories seemed almost unheard of, but as luck would have it KiDDO traveled outside of his neighborhood and was bussed into Chatsworth, a suburb in the San Fernando Valley, for highschool. His personality and constant pursuit of adventure loomed almost as large as his creative talent,leading him to his escape…music.

KiDDO realized that music was the main way for him to vent his struggles and connect to people. After months of dedication, he recognized the power that his music had over him and his peers. He dropped his first mix tape “KiDDO’s WORLD” in Summer 2010 and the buzz quickly grew. Fans, blogs, and established industry professionals reached out as the buzz was created, but most importantly, KiDDO found a way to cope with his reality, and connect with the people. A year later KiDDO dropped Self Explanatory and his music became solidified. Now KiDDO’s escape has become recognized on a inter-costal level. Doing shows in LA, San Diego, Washington, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco, while opening up for acts such as Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy, Schoolboy Q, Currensy, Pac Div, and several others. “Music is a must for me, I think a lot. This is just something that keeps me sane…I always stress that doing music is bigger than me; having family support, fans, and a team who believes in me takes things to another level. I HAVE TO MAKE IT, DON’T QUIT.”


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