GOOD KELLY (Pittsburgh, PA) – Late For Class (Soul Soul MIXTAPE) ///


Up and coming Pittsburgh-based rapper Good Kelly is the newest voice in our hip-hop stream, and he is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the near future. Showcasing a syrup-induced, care-free demeanor while still maintaining a force-to-be-reckoned-with potential, this young rhyme slinger is bringing some high-quality refreshment to the game. His flow and persona are relatable to that of Top Dog Entertainment’s Schoolboy Q, but with a fresh new appearance and attitude. He is a force- to-be-reckon-with sooner or later in the hip hop industry. He already showcased his rhyming abilities when he dropped his first ever mix tape called “Soul Soul” (which is available in the link below.) He will be dropping his new EP early February called “The Wrath of Sensei Danielson”. He is currently working on three mix tapes right now and will be dropping new music constantly.  He records at Pittsburgh studio ID Labs where Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa record. He has been on stage with Mac Miller and is a close watch to be signed by many lables.

Good Kelly LINKS:
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