ST. PAUL SLIM & LAST TRIUMPH (Minneapolis, MN) – Rest of My Life ///


If God created a better mc, he kept that one for himself……

In a world polluted with monotonous nonsense, St Paul Slim is a breath of fresh air. He towers over the competition with his precise delivery, and unprecedented wordplay; making him one of the most sought after mc’s in the Twin Cities.

In his music, St Paul Slim covers the whole spectrum, allowing him to appeal to all the masses of different Hip Hop listeners. He prides himself on being able to, “do” shows in some of the grimiest spots in the hood and then go out to a suburban college town, and deliverthe same hot performance.” St Paul Slim appeals to all social demographics making him a peoples champ mc, and a ‘rappers’ rapper.
During his musical career, St. Paul Slim has been featured in multiple successful projects including, Atmosphere’s “Strictly Leakage”, Muja Messiah’s mixtape and the motion picture soundtrack of “Justice”. He has also performed with MC Lyte, Black Moon, Little Brother, Dialated Peoples, Cee Lo Green, KRS-1, Slick Rick, Atmosphere, Brotha Ali, Freeway, Twista and D-12. He has also been a repeat performer at the Twin Cities Hip Hop Celebration as well as many other events and venues around the twin cities area.
A serious man by nature, Slim’s hard past is the fuel behind his career. With the words “power” and “true” tattooed on his forearms, Slim is not timid about his moral. In the words of Slim: “Everything’s got a lesson to it.”

“Rest Of My Life” Produced & engineered by Last Triumph in Minneapolis, MN.
 Music video directed by Jeff Adair, Dream Work Conquer Films   ///  ///

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