MYVERSE (Orlando, FL) – Ozonians ///

EpK MyVerse   ///

When Natalia Pitti AKA MyVerse was 5 , her brother Omar said he had a vision of her. That she would grace a stage in a yellow dress holding a microphone. Not knowing whether his words would foreshadow what would become her calling, she spent her later childhood years in choir and ballet. While being born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Natalia’s Puerto Rican mother Marta was a strong spiritual Latina, that rooted her children in the church. Her Panamanian father Tito always made it a routine to have her visit him. She would go horses back riding and from time to time see her family from Panama. Growing up Natalia had a fascination with writing short stories where she would recite them to her family. At age 12 along with her short stories , Natalia began writing poetry. She began combing her skills of story telling and poetic nature to dig deep into her talents as a writer. By the time she reached 15, she found Hip Hop to be a culture that strengthened her inspiration. It had a spiritual connection that coincided with her creativity and love for dance. Being raised with a musically talented brother, who’s 8 years older, exposed her to music that was ahead of her timing. Music that wasn’t normally heard on the radio. Genres that ranged from Christian Hip-Hop, Reggae, Drum-n-Bass to even classical music. This developed Natalia’s conscious love for art and good music.

Natalia decided to attend military school at 17 . Her guidance counselor asked her to perform her poetry at a Mall event. This is where she discovered the art of Spoken Word and began performing her poetry to strangers and random open mics. Her unique style of poetry and story telling with her passion for Hip Hop made the transition from poet to MC so effortless. This inspired her to enroll as a student of Journalism. Natalia maintains the expansion of her craft as a writer through school and mentoring students at poetry clubs. She continues to expand her Knowledge of Hip Hop culture in hopes of teaching future generations.

Career highlights for MyVerse include but are not limited to:

Coordinator and host for her open mic night that was called “Prolific Mondays”. She was a member of Team Orlando for The National Poetry Slam 2009. MyVerse has shared stages with Cypress Hill, Joe Budden , Das Efx, EPMD , Brand Nubian, Naughty by Nature, Goodie Mobb, One Be Lo of Binary Star, Joel Ortiz, Jada Kiss, Styles P , Hopsin , Dizzy Wright and Rock Steady Crew. She made semi finals for the Trojan Live Large Emcee competition, where she was judged by Hip Hop Legends such as Opio of Souls of Mischief, One Be Lo and FreeWay . MyVerse has released her first mixtape titled “New Flash!” Hosted by Voice of da Streetz on March 11 2011. She did a national tour June 15th-July 18th 2011 for The Lounge Battles Prelim Tour where she opened for C.E.O. of Madd Illz and D.N.A. . Other Stages she has been on have been Paid Dues Festival 2011, Conga Room at the Staple Center L.A., The Vans Warped Tour Bring it Back stage and The Rock Steady Crew 34th Anniversary Stage. She became the event coordinator for The Warped Tour 2012 Bring it Back Stage. May 11th 2012 she released her 2nd mixtape titled “Self Portrait ; Revelations of MyVerse” Hosted by Legendary Tony Touch.

MyVerse is a volunteer mentor for Orange County high school poetry clubs through Blu Baily’s Spoken Word Press. The Clubs have been participating in an annual poetry slam in Orlando Fl for National Poetry Month in April. MyVerse was fortunate to take part in building the first team Orlando (Team Rock It) for The Brave New Voices competition in 2010′ and 11′. She is currently volunteering with Catholic Charities in bringing awareness of refugee families escaping political or religious persecution, by creating a furniture drive/pick up that accepts gently used house wear for donations. These experiences are what inspires and motivates her drive to touch lives.


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