SOUL KING ft. CHACE INFINITE & ROZ (Los Angeles,CA) – Warriorz Soul ///


This song is produced by german producer Zpu Zilla and is on the upcoming Soul King album Supreme Era Volume 2 coming soon

“The crusades” are described as religious battles for the holy land called Jerusalem. In this land we call Hip Hop; The B Boy is at war with those that have misused the music for their own devilish gains. The time has come for all B Boys who have been persecuted, made to sell tickets to perform, forced to wear skinny jeans and sold their souls to sell their music to be resurrected.

Supreme Era combines the best of all era’s of the music we call hip hop as an attempt to destroy the status quo and inspire all B Boys to wake up and fight for the preservation of our culture. Hip Hop

Soul King, also known as SK, well-known in underground Hip Hop circles as a member of the Barbershop MCs is breaking new ground as a solo artist. He brings with him a diasporic background and upbringing for a unique sound. “Growing up I listened to a lot of Kompas, Salsa, Roots Reggae, and then came Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul,” Soul King explains regarding his musical roots. “I inherited my gift of song writing from my father who was the lead singer/songwriter in a Haitian band in Haiti and Montreal.”

Growing up in Los Angeles, Soul King befriended MCs Chocolate Ty and Phil the Agony in junior high school, and they eventually formed the group Barbershop MCs. Alkaholiks member E-Swift went on to release their critically-acclaimed vinyl EP “The Barber Shop” in 2000.

In recent years, Soul King has collaborated with Chace Infinite and DJ Khalil of Self Scientific on the song “Deliverance”, as well as Krondon of Strong Arm Steady. He is releasing his current project, Supreme Era Volume 2, which features Planet Asia, Chace Infinite, Styliztik Jonez, Tabernacle MCZ, Mykill Miers, and production from German producer Zpu Zilla, Swiff D (Pac Div), Qaboescobar and ScientistMPC.

Next up for Soul King is a new full-length project “Soul King 3:16 Diaspora” which will tell of his upbringing and showcase his worldy influence.   ///


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