Devour “Exclusive Interview” ///

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DEVOUR is a true needle in a haystack talent.  Coming out the over saturated indie Hip Hop scene of Los Angeles Ca, this young man has created a movement and following truly organic and like no other.  Delivering such a unique style of Hip Hop mixing the traditional underground conscious sound with a trap southern flavor creating a style DEVOUR could literally call his own.  DEVOUR’s work ethic and determination outweighs  the majority of artists his age and from what the BLOG has seen personally really STAYS ON THE GRIND.  Performing in and around Los Angeles on a consistent basis for large crowds and actively producing quality music videos making sure he always stays on top of the exposure game with the help of his very tight close-knit team.  But at the end of the day DEVOUR’s music speaks for itself along side his branding and marketing abilities which really stands out for the so-called “Young Generation” of Hip Hop artists.  For all you Hip Hop fans out there be on the lookout for DEVOUR and follow him on Facebook & Twitter to stay updated with his music.  “DEVOUR UP!!!”     Co-Founder @

Devour “Exclusive Interview” Hosted by. Pawz One   ///   BLOG sponsored apparel by


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