ALLEN POE (Versailles, KY) – Cold Out (UBUNTU) ///


Basement Up is a collective of 3 m.c.s out of Ky’s Capital City, Frankfort. The group’s name and meaning were derived from their early recording history which started in a home basement studio and was later moved to an attic. The name is also a metaphor to signify a persons rise from the “bottom to the top” in life situations.  Basement is fresh off their latest LP titled “Ubuntu”, released 11.11.12.

Ubuntu is available online here for free streaming:
About Ubuntu:
This is MC Allen Poe’s (1/3 of the crew) first studio LP and the second in the Basement Up catalogue. Ubuntu is the philosophy that no individual can exist in isolation, “I am because we are”. The album is a collage of stories from Poe’s personal experiences and thoughts on a variety of issues ranging from the ups and downs of relationships to unity, happiness and loyalty to friends.  The overall sound of the album leaves the overall impression of a jazzy laid back feel.

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