ROMSKI (Santa Clara, CA) – Paying Dues (On The Outside Looking In) ///


ROMSKI grew up in the South Bay area of San Francisco Bay. He was influenced by hip-hop at an early age, and he was captivated by what he heard. San Jose’s skyline a backdrop to his life, ROMSKI grew up near railroad yards, empty lots and a local college—he was an outsider on the edge of town. As kids, Romski and his brother, Mongo, loitered by the tracks with a boom box, Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, and The Beastie Boys echoing in the night. His passion for the music ultimately fueled a love for writing that documented life’s offerings in poetry and pump. “My older brother would beat box and I’d just rhyme to whatever he came up with.”

When the Bay Area scene exploded in the 80’s and 90’s, ROMSKI saw no one representing hard out of South Bay. There were a handful of groups with buzz, but, by the 90’s end, South Bay sat quiet.

And so 2012 is a year of resurrection, the year ROMSKI revives South Bay hip-hop, a scene too long overshadowed by Oakland, San Francisco, and Vallejo. “It’s time to step up and show everyone else what the South Bay can bring to the table.”

On The Outside Looking In marks the debut album for Bay Area rapper ROMSKI. The album takes listeners on journey through eyes of ROMSKI as he tells stories of his time living in the South Bay Area of San Francisco.  Featuring production from legendary Bay Area producer Da Hermit as well as ROMSKI himself, On The Outside Looking In delivers a classic hip hop for all fans of hip-hop and any musical genre can enjoy.



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