SLUM THE RESIDENT (L.A.) – 48 Bars ///

Slum The Resident, Member of LA’s Hip Hop super group “The Campain” has been a long time coming.  Born & raised in Echo Park, Slum was and still is very familiar with poverty and the lifestyle that comes along with it.  Influenced by Hip Hop at an early age, Slum started rapping at age 14.  In 2006 his younger brother passed away due to gang violence.  That’s when Slum decided to leave drug sales and put the life of crime behind him and focus on music.  Since joining “The Campain” in 2011 and with the release of “Divine Intervention” & “Gun Powder Poetry” Slum has created quite a buzz for himself in the LA underground Hip Hop scene.  He’s been featured on two “Cypher Effect” videos, interviewed on Breakbeats & Rhymes and OG Huskey Radio as well as other LA underground Hip Hop radio shows.  Slum has also made a name for himself by performing at countless shows throughout LA, San Diego, Arizona & Las Vegas.  With the upcoming release of his solo mixtape “The Park Bench Prophet”, expect to see a lot more of Slum The Resident in the future.
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