1000 BARS (Flint, MI) – Life of a Dopeboy ///


    It appears that on the 4th day of most month’s, many entertainers and great

leaders are born. August 4th Obama was born, September 4th Beyonce was

born, December 4thJay-Z was born and so on. On November 4th, another star

can be added to that tradition. This day not only marks greatness, but it also was

the birth and beginning of Algemon Winfrey, also known as 1000 Bars. He was

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, one of the toughest places on earth to learn

how to grow and survive. Bars had experienced and seen a lot at a very young

age. These experiences both good and bad, helped mode him into the individual

he is today. 

    Riding around with his older brother in the flashiest cars at just 8 years old,

with the speakers blasting such artist in his ear like Nas, Rakim, Big L, Jay-Z

and Tupac was when Bars discovered he wanted to pursue music as a serous

career. He started to develop a style of his own by listening and studying various

artists and their lyrics. At age 10, Bars and his cousin formed the group, Two

Hard Youth. Creating a hype in Flint, the group’s manager was close to closing

a deal with Tommy Boy Records. However, that particular deal at the moment

would not have been in their best interest, so they declined the opportunity.

    As the years progressed, Bars persistently continued writing and rapping.

He competed against other rappers in his neighborhood and city, as well

as performed at various talent shows and venues. At 16, Bars and other

acquaintances from his local neighborhood formed a group called Bred Thoro.

It consisted of five members, Banzi, Mass Money, Chino, Apollo and Flint City’s

own 1000 Bars. Bars and a couple of his close friends went on to create their

own record label, Family Over Riches Entertainment. Opening up for different

artists such as Fabolous, Too-Short, The Clipse, Ludacris and D-12 to name

a few, 1000 Bars gained exposure and familiarity in the music industry and

popularity in his city. 

    Bars now known for his music was also well-known and respected in the

streets as an intelligent hustler. He was labeled this because of his street

wittiness and credibility. He was wisely able to hold his “weight” in the streets

accumulating money while still attending college. Bars first love apart from music

was basketball, but due to the quick money he was getting in the streets he

turned down an out of state athletic scholarship and attended Eastern Michigan

University to stay close to home. In December 2004, Algemon received his

Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing.

    Currently Bars has learned how to master his artistry. He has perfected his craft

and has made a unique distinctive sound of his own. His music is edgy, urban,

hip and street. It symbolizes the struggles, pressures and pain of today’s society.

Anyone could connect to his Dope Boy music from people involved in the streets

to those who live in the hood; while giving them inspiration, motivation and

hope to make it out of the streets, be successful and achieve their goals. 1000

Bars has the ability and talent lyrically to tell vivid story’s by painting descriptive

images that are relatable to people around the nation. Breezing through high

school, succeeding in a couple court cases and obtaining a Bachelors of

Business all with ease; Bars has already began his journey on the road to


    With his single “I’m Feelin’ Myself,” produced by Emperor Searcy of BME and

Bengi currently spinning everywhere, from Atlanta, local and XM Satellite radio

stations, even in the nightlife to energized club crowds. Bars has gained a

tremendous diverse following in the Midwest that both follow and support Dope

Boy Records. He has witnessed the product of his own success.

    Along with “I’m Feelin’ Myself,” 1000 Bars has also released 3 solo albums,

1 group project and numerous mix tapes. His solo albums Live Young Die

Rich, Dope Boy 4 Life and From the Streets have all to date sold approximately

over 35,000 copies and soundscans. Moreover, his group’s project Meet the

Fam, was also estimated to have sold more than 5,ooo street copies. 

“I’m ready for the industry after years of dedication and mistakes I [have] finally

defined myself. I feel like music is a blessing for me, I’m comfortable with it and I

enjoy it. One way or the other, I’m going to make my presence felt in this music


    If you haven’t heard about 1000 Bars, eventually you will. Trust me; you will know

Dope Boy Music when you hear it. That alone separates him from the rest.

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