GREMLIN (Costa Mesa, Ca) – Real Talk ///


Once again Gremlin delivers another Dope video and track “Real Talk”  for the public to enjoy.  A true needle in the haystack talent, Gremlin truly impresses anyone who listen’s to real Hip Hop.  Being so young in this agressive Hip Hop scene he shows his proper work ethic and determination to succeed …. Co-Founder

Born in Los Angeles Raised in Orange County, Gremlin is an MC quickly building his buzz up with his lyrical stamina and wit. H’es been featured on The Cypher Effect and just dropped his first album entitled “Gremland” on New Years which has been very well received by fans. Gremlin has numerous music videos in which he plays himself and his alter ego, a homicidal comedian who dislikes women and has nothing nice to say about anyone. Stay in touch with Gremlin on Facebook and Twitter for all things Gremlin, and be sure to download his album.
Twitter: @gremlinraps
Album link:

STAN’ (Arlington, TX) – Yungg Shit ///


[Stanton Carter] STAN’, ima Delaware native, based out of  Arlington, Texas. Coming up in Texas I started really noticing how trends & fads basically manipulated my peers’ actions. I noticed a change in myself when I switched schools my freshman year. I became anti social but more observant of human nature. Experiences in & out of school led me to use music as a type of therapy. I didn’t finally record my first song until the beginning of my senior year through soundcloud and twitter, got a lil buzz off my first few songs and it just encouraged me to keep putting out material. I’m noticing hip hop/rap listeners have gotten more lenient on rappers lyrics and often let alot of whack acts slide pass and make it through the door. Almost makes the shit seem like a free for all when in all reality not everybody should be doing the shit. I’m for certain we gotta better feel for the music. My sound is definitely laid back, with my native coast slang, something they can definitely stone out or be in  the right mind & vibe to. Being from up east my styles more hip hop, still appealing to the modern day dope crowd. I’m influenced by artists like Curren$y, Pete Rock, Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, Ghostface, the list goes on but I dig rappers who got multiple styles and can flip iller beats, rather than the generic mainstream super song bullshit. Being im outta of a biased music area it makes it hard for some people to  bother listening to a dude who’s not chantin twerk that ass or making some  country dance cut. But true music ears im sure won’t sleep on me. I gotta project im working on right now called Suede, due for this spring along with the side records im already putting out every other day with my group. For now it’s the independent route, taking it one step at  time, mindful I gotta be consistent & go about things more seriously as time progresses. I’ma keep it authentic, all the way live, and most importantly, chillin.

Del the Funky Homosapien “Exclusive Interview”///


Hailing from Oakland, California, Del and his crew, the Hieroglyphics came out as a markedly non-gansta response to a burgeoning West Coast scene. After being put on at the tender age of 17 by his cousin Ice Cube, Del released two records on Elektra, I Wish My Brother George Was Here (1991) and No Need For Alarm (1993). Despite record sales in the hundreds of thousands, he recorded a third album, Future Development, which was never commercially released. Del parted with Elektra and started work on the album, 3rd Eye Vision (Hiero Imperium, 1998). Hiero went on the road and toured incessantly in support of the album for much of 1998. Del also spent a good portion of his time drawing, practicing Japanese, and playing mass amounts of video games.  2001-2002 Deltron 3030 was release becoming one of the most influential Indie Underground Hip Hop albums of all times. Finally ready to unleash a new record on the world, Del comes with BOTH SIDES OF THE BRAIN. Seventeen tracks of pure Del. He says of his work on this album: ..¿½I..¿½ve had complete control. At times, Del has felt restrained by the formulas in hip hop and the expectations fans place upon emcees who have had hits. I wish that I had the same freedom that someone like Bjork has when she puts out an album..Apart from collaborations with PrincePaul, El-P (Company Flow), and help from a few of his Hiero co-horts (A-plus, Casual, Domino) Del handled the majority of production on this album. By staying true to himself, Del has earned legions of adoring fans. He may have said it best in his classic, Mistadobalina when he declared all in the mind and the heart. Indeed.

PLAYDOUGH (Dallas, TX) – No Angel ///


Playdough is no kid’s toy.
He remains humble though his career has literally taken him all over the world. He recently hit number 2 on the CMJ hip-hop charts as well as cracking the Top 200. Nothing about this MC is typical. His name refers to the playtime cornerstone of everyone’s youth, the colorful clay modeling compound though he’s definitely not here to be shaped by anyone’s hand, but his own.

Life on the road has taken Playdough all over the United States, the UK, Sweden, Holland, Australia and much of Europe. He’s performed with artists like Method Man & Redman, Evidence, Stalley, Brother Ali, Mr. Dibbs, Atmosphere, KRS-One, Tanya Morgan, Mutemath, MURS, Mos Def, Erykah Badu,Pigeon John, Blu and countless others.
Playdough came up as a battle MC, known for surprising crowds with his deft wit and complex off top freestyles. He’s the top Dallas freestyle rap champion of Monday Night Fights for two years running and has won five times on 97.9 The Beat’s Freestyle Fridays. He’s also won the Skribble Jam TX Battle and most recently was asked to participate in the prestigious invitation-only Red Bull Emcee competition.
He’s released 2 albums with international distribution (Lonely Superstar/EMI and Don’t Drink The Water/Sony). But it’s his first indie release, Hotdoggin on his own Writer Dye Wrecords that has really started getting this diverse and highly motivated MC his just due. The singles, and compelling videos for “Ya Heard (with Mr Dibbs and The Black Keys)” and “No Angel” have been featured on some of the biggest music blogs as well as being listed as best hip-hop act by the Dallas Observer in 2011 and nominated for best rap/hip-hop act for the Dallas Observer Music Awards in 2012. Playdough was also recently listed by in the Top 50 Underground Artists. It’s a real culmination of everything Playdough has learned on his path to becoming such a highly respected MC.
With all of these accomplishments under his belt, you’d think that by now you’d know more about the MC known as Playdough. But instead of composing Texas-sized stories about himself, he’s been putting in the work, achieving success, and moving on to the next mission. With no plans to stop anytime soon, you are sure to see this legendary MC in a city near you very soon. /// ///

KIDD FRANKIE (Leesville, LA) – “Raw Papers” MIXTAPE ///

Bio: (Typed up by KIDDD FRANKIE)
Kidd Frankie, born and raised in Leesville, Louisiana. Born August 29, 1992. Growing up for me really was a rollercoaster.Never knew who my real dad was still don’t to this day. Don’t really care much. Mother, Carolnell Burnett raised me, but struggled to at first because she was still in school. had me when she was 17. So for really the most part of my younger life my grandmother Raised me.RIP Minnie Lee, but she was rasing me and i would always call her mom because i rarley got to see my real mother, so my mom quit school to take over as a full time parent for me. For the younger days of my life i was into sports heavy! played basketball until i was 7 thats when my grandmother days before my birthday, hurted me deep! When she died really thats when every thing just started going down hill for me and my moms. Until, she met her husband/ my stepdad Lammorris Walker. We never got along as you would suspect but the only time we will is when he played music. He was into Bass type music, so all day he would play bass instrumentals and just tell me to start flowing, so me and my stepdad woiuld go on and on day and night just doing songs over oldschool tapes felt like a lil g with dope ryhmes but never knew what they meant. But, i stopped rapping to just go back focsing on sports. i keep saying sports becacause school wasnt really my thing when i got to high school. only thing that kept me interested was the girls and sports haha like a normal teen in area. but i fell off with music until i was 16 freshman in high school started a rap group called “TYP” means THROWED YOUNG PLAYAZ. started out with me and my cousin and childhood friend. The town was feeling our flow and then it started to get serious so we started adding talent that wanted to be down, we was a group for about  years you know local nothig big. So, i
go off to college and just stop rapping again because i wanted to play sports in college so i got focus on that again. love for music was always there though! so my whole freshman year i didnt do No music just school and trying to play sports. so my sophmore year there was a shit load of people i use to know back in highschool go by the name of 337Mayhem and JT hip hop artist from my town/ music producers on a local level that was coming to tha same school, so in my head i already knew we was gone work magic! So days and months go by and im like yeah its time to do music again what influcened that was rapper Joe Cool, whos also from leesville louisiana. so i was like damnnnnnnn dude killing and got his talent heard! i was like man he can do it so can i! so i started on my mixtape plotting and seeing how 337mayhem and jt worked and they vision. so one day before i dropped my first song “roll up” which is on #RawPapers we had a sit down. see they had they on label (splashENT) with artist they was trying to start up so i felt they hustle so we had a sit down and i was like man i wanna be down with yall i see the vision that yall got and i wanna work with yall to get there! they was all shocked in shit and was like shittttt cool! so from then on we started killing it! working the lows of the game to seek the high points that we still aiming to reach. So me 337mayhem and Jt started working OT to get my tape right every track right! i aint gone lie man when shit went wrong i was like man idk if this shit gone work, like am i gone get heard and will they feel me and my grind! so i stopped thinking bout tha negative and focus on tha grind! so everything that you hear off #RawPapers is based on my thoughts that i wanted to say through moments of my life but was afraid to say at the time from track 1 to finish. #RawPapers is a brand of rolling papers because yeah i do smoke weed love it, modern day pot head! so the name of the tape came along by me having raw out talent then i smoke so i was like shit #RawPapers!! lets go! #RawPapers dropped 3.15.13 on so go download listen and just take this journey with me to success. influneces in my music come from Wiz Khalifa Curren$y (Thats My OG) hahaha learn a lot from that guy and Smoke DZA and Outkast! i listen to all types of music but if you know me you know i only listen to weed raps. Im compared to NO one though! yeah i rap about weed like all others but the story im telling to yall is different i have plenty more music to drop plenty more goals to reach! so stay on the look out for Kidd Frankie! S/o to  SPlashENT. && the KIDDS. I wanna say thank you to everybody for the support and love i been getting on facebook and twitter from tha haters my family and friends man! 1 make it WE ALL MAKE IT! be on the lookout for my team though mixtape coming from 337Mayhem called “337” and my on label im starting up with TYP called “Fly$hitOnly” im a single artist who trying to get mhy music heard and my talented team on with me! Leesville stand up! New Louisiana type music get hip.
Here’s the download link to where my mixtape can be downloaded <====== there the link! My social network links or, Twitter: , Facebook: , Instagram: @__KiddFrankie

MCBEE-X (New Jersey) – “I’m The King Pin” ft. DONALD D & SOUL S.K. ///


Releasing the debuted Single “Im the King Pin”
MCBEE-X feat (Rhyme Syndicate´s) Donald D & (Free Style
Fellowship´s) Soul S.K., an ear opener with visual dynamic in today´s
hard core Hip Hop & Rap music scene.
It embraces the lost identity on 1 on 1 points of True Skool Hip Hop

The 1st single of the LP titled “Return of the King Pin“ is highly
recognized with the Underground . Delivering classic rap lyrics, with
grooved hard beats and melody´s that are professionally produced by
Jeeve Ducornet (Crystal Ship Music) a Composer for American Idol
and many other famous major super star acts, such as the late Tupac
Shakur, Nicole Scherzinger, and Carlos Santana.

Established under ACM a label based company form N.J. USA. Is
setting a new land mark in making the scene, in the Homebirth of New
York City and nationwide in the U.S.A.

Regardless of new or old, east or west, north or south, The King Pin is
here to muscle the Rap scene.

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SPECIAL & DANNIE SWIFT (Toronto / Bronx) – Time (Prod. by ERBAKNIGHT) ///


“Time waits for no man it has its own agenda” 

Bronx native, Denice Perez aka Dannie Swift, is a prolific writer, rapper/mc, and guitarist. In this latest release she teams up with Toronto based emcee Special,and Newark based producer Erbaknight for the track Time. The track has the two lyricists trading bars about the value of time.

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