JAY WILL (Saint Louis, MO) – “Goin In” ft. METROCLUS ///

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Jay Will is a Saint Louis, Missouri based rapper who started rapping about two year ago because he was tired of hearing complete nonsense on the radio. “If you don’t like something then change it yourself” is one of the quote’s that got him into becoming a Hip-Hop artist. Jay Will’s rap style could be compared with a 90’s type of hip-hop feel.

Jay Will started off rapping as a joke with his first song titled “Goin In” which featured his former co-worker Metroclus. He explains, “After I started receiving positive feedback from family and friends music became my main focus. If it wasn’t for my cousin giving me a great deal on his recording equipment then none of this would be possible. It’s like when you really want something the world bends and gives you what you asked for, it may not be exact but close enough.”

Jay Will not only raps but he also produces his own instrumentals. He has won numerous rap contests over the internet and is always giving a helping hand to artist and producers that ask for it. He stated that ‘In order for me to do good, I feel that it is best for me to help others do just as good if not better, because that’s how I think the world should work.” He is a humble and hardworking young man who has used the early years of his rap career to perfect the way he writes songs and also his rap skills overall, from flow, delivery, etc.

Jay Will has currently just released a mixtape titled “Decades” where he samples different songs throughout the years ,starting with the 50’s to present day and raps on them with numerous rappers he has met throughout his career. He is currently brainstorming ideas with a producer by the name of All4Beatz, for his first album to be released late 2013, while also working on building a home town fan base.

Decades Mixtape:



Twitter: @JayWill314


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