KIDD FRANKIE (Leesville, LA) – “Raw Papers” MIXTAPE ///

Bio: (Typed up by KIDDD FRANKIE)
Kidd Frankie, born and raised in Leesville, Louisiana. Born August 29, 1992. Growing up for me really was a rollercoaster.Never knew who my real dad was still don’t to this day. Don’t really care much. Mother, Carolnell Burnett raised me, but struggled to at first because she was still in school. had me when she was 17. So for really the most part of my younger life my grandmother Raised me.RIP Minnie Lee, but she was rasing me and i would always call her mom because i rarley got to see my real mother, so my mom quit school to take over as a full time parent for me. For the younger days of my life i was into sports heavy! played basketball until i was 7 thats when my grandmother days before my birthday, hurted me deep! When she died really thats when every thing just started going down hill for me and my moms. Until, she met her husband/ my stepdad Lammorris Walker. We never got along as you would suspect but the only time we will is when he played music. He was into Bass type music, so all day he would play bass instrumentals and just tell me to start flowing, so me and my stepdad woiuld go on and on day and night just doing songs over oldschool tapes felt like a lil g with dope ryhmes but never knew what they meant. But, i stopped rapping to just go back focsing on sports. i keep saying sports becacause school wasnt really my thing when i got to high school. only thing that kept me interested was the girls and sports haha like a normal teen in area. but i fell off with music until i was 16 freshman in high school started a rap group called “TYP” means THROWED YOUNG PLAYAZ. started out with me and my cousin and childhood friend. The town was feeling our flow and then it started to get serious so we started adding talent that wanted to be down, we was a group for about  years you know local nothig big. So, i
go off to college and just stop rapping again because i wanted to play sports in college so i got focus on that again. love for music was always there though! so my whole freshman year i didnt do No music just school and trying to play sports. so my sophmore year there was a shit load of people i use to know back in highschool go by the name of 337Mayhem and JT hip hop artist from my town/ music producers on a local level that was coming to tha same school, so in my head i already knew we was gone work magic! So days and months go by and im like yeah its time to do music again what influcened that was rapper Joe Cool, whos also from leesville louisiana. so i was like damnnnnnnn dude killing and got his talent heard! i was like man he can do it so can i! so i started on my mixtape plotting and seeing how 337mayhem and jt worked and they vision. so one day before i dropped my first song “roll up” which is on #RawPapers we had a sit down. see they had they on label (splashENT) with artist they was trying to start up so i felt they hustle so we had a sit down and i was like man i wanna be down with yall i see the vision that yall got and i wanna work with yall to get there! they was all shocked in shit and was like shittttt cool! so from then on we started killing it! working the lows of the game to seek the high points that we still aiming to reach. So me 337mayhem and Jt started working OT to get my tape right every track right! i aint gone lie man when shit went wrong i was like man idk if this shit gone work, like am i gone get heard and will they feel me and my grind! so i stopped thinking bout tha negative and focus on tha grind! so everything that you hear off #RawPapers is based on my thoughts that i wanted to say through moments of my life but was afraid to say at the time from track 1 to finish. #RawPapers is a brand of rolling papers because yeah i do smoke weed love it, modern day pot head! so the name of the tape came along by me having raw out talent then i smoke so i was like shit #RawPapers!! lets go! #RawPapers dropped 3.15.13 on so go download listen and just take this journey with me to success. influneces in my music come from Wiz Khalifa Curren$y (Thats My OG) hahaha learn a lot from that guy and Smoke DZA and Outkast! i listen to all types of music but if you know me you know i only listen to weed raps. Im compared to NO one though! yeah i rap about weed like all others but the story im telling to yall is different i have plenty more music to drop plenty more goals to reach! so stay on the look out for Kidd Frankie! S/o to  SPlashENT. && the KIDDS. I wanna say thank you to everybody for the support and love i been getting on facebook and twitter from tha haters my family and friends man! 1 make it WE ALL MAKE IT! be on the lookout for my team though mixtape coming from 337Mayhem called “337” and my on label im starting up with TYP called “Fly$hitOnly” im a single artist who trying to get mhy music heard and my talented team on with me! Leesville stand up! New Louisiana type music get hip.
Here’s the download link to where my mixtape can be downloaded <====== there the link! My social network links or, Twitter: , Facebook: , Instagram: @__KiddFrankie

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