MCBEE-X (New Jersey) – “I’m The King Pin” ft. DONALD D & SOUL S.K. ///


Releasing the debuted Single “Im the King Pin”
MCBEE-X feat (Rhyme Syndicate´s) Donald D & (Free Style
Fellowship´s) Soul S.K., an ear opener with visual dynamic in today´s
hard core Hip Hop & Rap music scene.
It embraces the lost identity on 1 on 1 points of True Skool Hip Hop

The 1st single of the LP titled “Return of the King Pin“ is highly
recognized with the Underground . Delivering classic rap lyrics, with
grooved hard beats and melody´s that are professionally produced by
Jeeve Ducornet (Crystal Ship Music) a Composer for American Idol
and many other famous major super star acts, such as the late Tupac
Shakur, Nicole Scherzinger, and Carlos Santana.

Established under ACM a label based company form N.J. USA. Is
setting a new land mark in making the scene, in the Homebirth of New
York City and nationwide in the U.S.A.

Regardless of new or old, east or west, north or south, The King Pin is
here to muscle the Rap scene.

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4 Comments on “MCBEE-X (New Jersey) – “I’m The King Pin” ft. DONALD D & SOUL S.K. ///”

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  2. Iris Doveran says:

    Nice, clean video. A new song with an old flavor, love it! Keep up the good work!

  3. I loved this too..I love the groove, and the visuals. It should be a film don’t you agree?

  4. Reblogged this on Stories To Tale and commented:
    It’s nice to see a rapper working outside the box for a change..

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