VAITEA (Italy) – About Me ///


Produced by talented French beatmaker Gyver Hypman (PushuP! Productions, Saian Supa Crew, Sir Samuel), mixed in NYC by “Engineer Extraordinaire” Eddie Sancho (Gangstarr, Krs One, Jay- Z) and written in Milan, this track is the first single from Vaitea’s forthcoming album Word Citizen.

Guided by her taste for melodic flows and edgy lyrics, Vaitea easily transports us into her musical world, with a soulful hip hop song imbued with atmospheric strings and a contagious beat on which she waxes poetic with her unique vocals. About Me is the perfect introduction to one of hip hop’s best kept secrets and the black and white video that accompanies it will easily draw you in and leave you wanting to hear more of Vaitea.

This cosmopolitan female mc has been performing throughout Europe (from Hip Hop Kemp in Czech Republic to Milan’s Bluenote, from Montreux Jazz Festival to Le Nouveau Casino in Paris and Bedroom Bar in London, just to name a few) by herself or with various artists and always manages to create a special bond with the audience.

The video, shot in London, was conceived and realized by Night by Night, an eclectic artist and Hip Hop militant, always wandering between dreams and reality.  The album will be released in March 2013, featuring more music from Gyver Hypman and several other guests, such as Greg Blackman (UK), EJ Von Lyrik (South Africa), WondaWendy (Gabon/France), Mastermaind (Italy) and more.

ABOUT ME is now available on Itunes, BandCamp, Spotify, Deezer, Myspace Music, Amazon.




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