L.J.A.Y. (Bellflower, CA) – 25 Joints (School Work) ///



L.J.A.Y. is currently a 18 year old MC from Bellflower,Ca.  Began rapping back in 2009 after along time of debating on whether he should do this or not, then he  took a step forward and started writing songs.  He also took time to listen to all of the rappers that influence his music which includes: (Jay-Z, Nas, AZ, Ice Cube, Little Brother, Tupac, 50, Tribe Called Quest, Big L, Gang Star, J Cole, TDE, and last but not least Curren$y).  He didn’t really get into the true art of “Music” until 2010/2011 that is when he really branched out and searched for the real hip-hop and rap music that made the game what is was. “I didn’t want to become that rapper that just talks about a whole bunch of non sense and lying to you as if I drug deal, gang bang, shoot niggas, etc. I want to make “music” not just songs, I want people to feel the emotion that I put in my lyrics just like I did when I was listening to the rappers that I posted above.” – L.J.A.Y.  In the future he see’s himself on tour showing mad love to fans all around, providing for his family, and helping the communities he was in an around, staying an independent artist, and striving for greatness.
L.J.A.Y. Links:
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