Album Review: GREMLIN (Costa Mesa, CA) – “Gremland”///


This album “Gremland” by. GREMLIN (Costa Mesa, CA) definitely shocked us the first time we listened to it.  Dropping high quality crisp Hip Hop beats alongside his articulate rhyme style is what true Hip Hop is all about.  Never judge a book by its cover HONESTLY, visually he looks young yet GREMLIN’s music is far from ordinary.  Listening to this 12 track album from front to back you will appreciate the messages he is delivering to the masses.  Obviously GREMLIN has set a bar for artists that are fully independent and young at the same time.  Personally its hard to enjoy Hip Hop nowadays when we are constantly listening to BLOG submissions filtering through whats hot or not so when we ran into GREMLIN’s submission it was a breath of fresh air.

Its really hard to pinpoint the hardest tracks on this album, maybe to due to high level of substance and cohesiveness in each unique track which makes them all classics.  From real story telling with “Real Talk” & “Untitled“,  real dope beats & wordplay on “Welcome” & “Fe Fi Fo Fum“, to true heavy hitters like “Thats Why”  shows us GREMLIN is a true force in indie Hip Hop.  “Gremland” is definitely an album we would recommend to any fan out there who is looking for fresh new Hip Hop by a young artist truly on the rise.   This album is available for FREE download.
Twitter: @gremlinraps
FREE Album link:

“What really stands out about GREMLIN is that he delivers a lot of classic “lines” throughout his album that will have a lot of listeners remembering them.” ….. Co-Founder 4/5/2013



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