BULLHEAD*DED (Colorado Springs, CO) – “4Play” Debut Album ///



Bullhead*ded was forged from the similar but seperate experiences of two pioneering hip hop duos trying to rise in, while at the same time helping to create,The Southern Colorado underground music scene. One half Made Up Minds, one half TooTone Taurus,and 100% real live hip hop,Bullhead*ded creates its eclectic sound by showcasing the uniqueness of the individuals and groups that form it.

Bullhead*ded has performed over 400 shows across the USA with the likes of Sage Francis,The Chicharones,2Mex,LMNO,Planet Asia,Dilated Peoples,Del,Zion I,People Under The Stairs,Sweatshop Union,Eyedea and Abilities, Pharoah Monch and many more. Bullhead*ded won best live group in the Colorado Springs Indy Music Awards 2012.

Bullhead*ded’s debut Album “4Play” releases 4/20 (2013) on Sound Powered Engine.

cover orange

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