P-MIDUS (Salt Lake City): STYLES P “So Deep” (BLK SOUL Remix) ///


Unsigned record producer P-MIDUS (Bizzy Bone, Glasses Malone, Cal Van Gogh) released the astonishing BLK SOUL remix of STYLES P‘s “SO DEEP” early yesterday and has been making quite a stir ever since. The young music maker (originally from Salt Lake City) is still riding high on the wave of buzz that accompanied his most recent production credit LOVE MONEY POWER by MOGZ, released earlier this year. This remix was casually created as a BeatStars contest entry, but the response, due to the sheer appeal of the version, has opened the lines of communication and is generating requests to be featured on many upcoming underground mixtapes.

P-MIDUS Links:

twitter @p_midus
instagram @recordproducerpmidus

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