NICK FURY (Cleveland, OH) – “I Love This Sound” ft. ENGLISH ///


Nick Fury, born and raised in Cleveland, OH, fell in love with Hip-Hop in 1986. His love for the culture never dwindled and never died.  Nick’s music career began as a MC with Cleveland’s Chop Shop Renegades in 2000. Being the driving force in the group, his hard work paid off in grand fashion. Their album, “Bumpivity,” won best hip-hop group/act for 2002 with Cleveland’s Scene magazine.  Following “Bumpivity,” Fury released his solo mixtape, “From Cleveland with Love.” The release became an became an underground jewel proving that Fury could stand alone as a solo artist.

In 2010, Fury was introduced to DJ Todd from Dayton, OH, who was working on a mixtape project honoring the late Guru of Gang Starr. The two quickly realized the great potential upon working together. Fury was featured on, “Take It Personal 2010.”   In 2011, DJ Todd released, “The Ohio All-Stars,” again featuring Fury and many other artists from Ohio.  In 2012, Nick Fury signed with Vintage Records, DJ Todd’s label, and began recording Fury’s album, “The Golden Shower.” They released a four song EP, “Record Store Day 2012.” Each track has been played and kept in rotation on several online radio stations. In the Spring of 2012, the two opened for Lil’ Kim in Columbus, OH. Also released during the summer was Fury’s buzz track, “Darling Nicki.” On Election Day, “DJ Todd For President” was released featuring Fury, Brooklyn native Skeezo, and Queens underground sensation, Meyhem Lauren.

In the Fall of 2013, Vintage Records plans to release Fury’s, “The Golden Shower.” The first single, “Dollar Bill,” is being distributed to DJ’s all over the country. The album is carried mostly by Fury, but features by Atlanta native Sugar Tongue Slim, and Cleveland’s English add a nice variety.

With high sales expectations and outstanding reviews, “The Golden Shower” will deliver what Hip-Hop has been waiting for – A classic full-length album.


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