JAMES KENNEDY (Los Angeles, CA) – Microphone Fiend /// UndergroundHipHopBLOG.com


In an era where emcees are occupied with either fitting in to the status quo, or criticizing it, James Kennedy never gets too caught up to create. His style shouts out to the golden age, with an emphasis on storytelling. This is complemented by an eye for details, and the willingness to spit about the smallest of them. Born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin, he is far from the traditional emcee. However, James Kennedy doesn’t set out to be a mere foil, but instead investigates the complexities of race, class, and who gets included in hip-hop and culture at large.

Fan Links: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvF0BXzF3s86YQwpW_3Lj5A?feature=watch
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Kennedy/357776504333144?created
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KennedyJames13


One Comment on “JAMES KENNEDY (Los Angeles, CA) – Microphone Fiend /// UndergroundHipHopBLOG.com”

  1. James#2 says:

    Atta Boy James. Do Regent household proud

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