R.ICHARD OASIS (Chicago, IL) – Tiamat’s Excuse (prod. by AUDIO GAMES) ///


R.ichard Oasis born Christopher Jones is a Upcoming Independent Hip Hop Artist who makes conscious Hip Hop music expressing the importance for freedom and unity in life. He was born and raised in North Chicago, IL but currently resides in JXN, Mississippi.

His 1st project to be released on April 4th, 2013 titled “Figments Of A Drunken Mastermind’s Imagination” is the first of a series of continued audio engaging sounds expressing the life troubles of an alcoholic growing up in the ghetto and the political and “evil” problems in the world. It is Chapter 1 to his “Drunken Mastermind” projects. His first single for promotional purposes only, “Reverse” has over 20,000 views on the audio video and over 40,000 views on the visual video on YouTube.

One of his biggest moments was when “CJ” (the manager of Drake with Young Money) saw his video for “Reverse” he quoted “I LOVED it”.  His rebellious and aware songs continue to grow a loyal fan base everyday.
Contact Twitter: @R_ichO_ffC_lass

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