THE LEGION (Detroit, MI) – More ///


Corey and Todd Watts, also known as “Corey Sean”(20) & “Todd Anthony”(19) are two cousins born and raised in the heart of Detroit. “Corey Sean” The Videographer and Editor is the Brains behind their Visual Work. (CT FILMS) While “Todd Anthony” is the Ear’s of their unique sound. In a time where the city is conformed to similar sounds and uncreative music. Where Drugs, Violence and Gangs are glorified these two cousins have come together to create a new movement in the city. “The Legion” comprised of “Corey Sean” & “Todd Anthony” are here with a unique sound. With strong ties in 90’s hip hop. Positive messages and an overall good vibe.

Their Upcoming Album “The Last Dying Breed” set to release in Late May 2013 with their LATEST VIDEO SINGLE “MORE” has that gritty hip hop style with a message that could shift and change the views of black youth and the goal every man should have. ” Success and a Prosperous Life”

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