Im Gonna Make It Single Cover (Print)

Brockton, MA – VS Entertainment – Manny Garcia & Viciouz Society Entertainment
are thrilled to announce the release of the debut single from Manny Garcia, “I’m Gonna
Make It”, available everywhere on 4/16/2013. The release will be accompanied by a
stunning visual account of the powerful, inspiring song featuring a very special cameo

“I’m Gonna Make It” was inspired by late great boxing legend Rocky Marciano and is
evident in the music video, which features boxing footage of The Brockton Blockbuster!

Manny Garcia has teamed up with Rocky Marciano Jr. & The Rocky Marciano World
Foundation; which focuses on an anti-bullying project called “Bullying We’re Kickin’ It”.

The single as well as music video represents the underdog; the ones who have been told
they can’t but did! The message in the song and video resonate not only with bullying but
in every other life challenging obstacles we face as evolving beings. This release is meant
to provide a positive message of courage, strength, and esteem for the youth.

Below are web links containing the single, music video, and other content. We hope that
you and your organization decide to get active and be a part of this project and what it
stands for!

13 Comments on “MANNY GARCIA (Brockton, MA) – “I’M GONNA MAKE IT” ft. AMANDI ///”

  1. Manny Garcia says:

    Wanna extens a thank you to for holdin me down! #VSNation #VSLove

  2. Laura says:

    This song is great its my fave just bought my copy make sure you check it out :)…..

  3. Marcelino Correia says:

    Great song, positive message, doesn’t get better than that! Join the movement!

  4. Laura says:

    My fave song just bought my copy make sure u get yours ❤

  5. Azucar Negra says:

    Manny! This is HOT! LOVE!

  6. Marliz Cintron says:

    Love the song downloaded it on my iPhone got it as my ring tone dude you sound just like big pun lol bring some more sound out your really good keep up the gd work

  7. lilee says:

    Love it…

  8. maximino garcia says:

    That what hot Manny

  9. Tracy says:

    Love the song, the sky is the limit and I know you will make it!!!!

  10. L says:

    I’m listening to it right now 😉

  11. L says:

    Everyone go and get your copy now 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌

  12. So hot!!! I love my city…yeeeeeaaah!

  13. anonymous says:

    This goes hard!!! Every so often there’s a song that not only stands out, but DEFINES a generation. In an age where the complexity of bullying is found through tragedies like unemployment rates, both Colorado theater N sandy hook shootings, the Boston marathon bombing, as well as the stolen privacy of US citizens through Gov’t policies like CISPA. This track, “I’m gonna make it” serves as a vitamin supplementing our INNER WILL.

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