PROlific (Chicago, IL) – RISE (prod. by EARdrum) ///


PROlific is of Mexican and Filipino decent but was born and raised in Chicago. Just like the city, he’s “a little bit of everything.” When asked to describe himself he would say he’s a poet, lover, fighter, brother, son, father and husband. He’s been known as PROlific ever since his musical journey into the world of rap and hip-hop took flight in 2011. His lyrics and beats are infused by a desire to remain true to the organic origins of his art form, while drawing upon contemporary influences such as dub-step, down-tempo and neo soul. He ascribes to the notion that nothing in music is taboo and everything should be explored. PROlific is a firm believer in good, evil, and the power to do both and above all, he said, “in divine purpose.” He’s determined to share his movement of freedom with the world. A movement he hopes to accomplish “one rhyme at a time.”


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