THE CAMPAIN (Los Angeles, CA) – Campain Freestyle (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ///


A new video sent to us by EYEKON out of L.A., a man with many different hats in Cali Hip Hop (MC, Video Production, Promotion, Label Rep, etc.).  Check out the new visual to “CAMPAIN FREESTYLE”, and support independent Hip Hop.

C.H.E Presents The Campain Performing The Campain Freestyle inside Neighborhood Watch Studios in NoHo. Filmed & Edited by:

The Campain is comprised of 6 artists: L.A Eyekon, Dodger Blue (East L.A), Zapata The Ghost, Slum The Resident & Dopamine (West L.A), Dee The Great (North East L.A).  Each Artist brings a certain dynamic to the group which makes it so unique.  With intelligent Gutter, grimey “street hop” rhymes and the beats to compliment such things, The Campain Does not disappoint with there current project titled – Gun Powder Poetry. not to mention the cosign from legendary westcoast djs julio g and mixmaster tony g of westside radio (kday 93.5) hosting the project  to confirm the shit is fire.



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