ELCEE (Toronto) – “MADE” ft. TEE WHALES (Prod. by KOBE BANNER) ///


Elcee is a Recording Artist, with team member Arys, who both represent 4EverGrande Ent. Together they’ve been showcasing their talents and helping each other excel to the next level. They also do motivational speaking with youth surrounding topics upon Violence with an organization by the name of LOVE (Leave Out Violence)

When Elcee isn’t shooting videos, recording music or working with youth, he’s playing basketbal as his introductory representation to iLLManicl. Elcee is mostly known for his entertaining style of gameplay involving long range shots and amazing ball handling and control.

Elcee takes pride and is thankful for every talent he has been given, which is why he will try to his best to showcase a bit of every talent, AS MUCH as he can.

The second song of his May 15, 2013 project release “Leoism”. MADE features a Virginia artist & Jet Packs family member by the name of Tee Whales, and was produced by KoBe Banner.

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