PHILO B (Miami, FL) – “Airtime” (prod. by MR.ALEXIS) ///

As rap enters a new era new kings are taking their shot at the throne.  Among these artist are 18 year-old Philo B. Hailing from North Miami Fl the teen has had a passion for rap since an adolescent,enjoying opportunities to freestyle with anybody throughout high school.  Despite being from Miami, a city infamous for being hard to gain buzz amongst new rappers Philo has made a name for himself in his city.  Perfecting his craft, Philo already has three mixtapes under his growing discography including the acclaimed “Reign Drops”, and his
latest mixtape “The Conference Opener 2” which showcases the rappers growth while working with Amplified Music Group. A southern voice,unconquerable swagger, and intricate lyrics can account for the buzzing fan base Philo has amassed from various shows.
@philo_b ///

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