R-MEAN (Los Angeles, CA) – “Open Wounds” ft. SOSEH ///


“Los Angeles-born, overtly-Armenian rapper R-Mean is bringing word of his mountainous ancestral republic to one of our biggest cultural expressions of all; Hip-Hop! Dedicated to the 98th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, on 4-1-2013 R-Mean released the music video to “Open Wounds” on Pentagon Records; the documentary like political video is dedicated to the Armenian Genocide of 1915. With bone chilling visuals and a humble performance by R-Mean, the video promotes hope and awareness in recognition of the Armenian Genocide. 

In just 24-days, the official video for “Open Wounds’” has received over 246k views on YouTube (the Video was released on April 1st) and loyal fans were so touched by the lyrics to “Open Wounds” that they tattooed them on arms and chests. 

Also, The Game posted a picture of him wearing the “Open Wounds 1915” T-Shirt on all his social media networks on April 24, building awareness through his followers about the Armenian Genocide  

One of the most influential hip hop hosts Sway & Tech and DJ Revolution interviewed R-Mean about the “Open Wounds” song and video, on SiriusXM radio station SHADE45, on “The Wakeup Show.” They proceeded to play the song following the interview.


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