ACID REIGN (Los Angeles, CA) – Synergy (prod. by CHRONO TRIGGERS) ///


Those familiar with Acid Reign’s music throughout the years know best not to expect a repeat from one record to the next, but to anticipate something new and exciting. They are the type of dudes who love to experiment and create for the moment, then move forward without looking back. They don’t take risk’s, they forge alternate pathways for Hip Hop and the art of MC’ing.

What makes this process so easy for them is their diverse nature as artists, fueling their uncanny ability to adapt to any style of beat or rhythm thrown their way by any producer, while always remaining grounded in their acidic sound roots. First and foremost, above all else, at heart, they are true songwriter’s.

This time around, the collective trio of Gajah, BeOND & Olmeca have teamed up with French eclectro duo, Chrono Triggers for a 6 track, all analog EP entitled, “Synergy”.  The result is a strange, yet catchy, untangible, yet danceable affair that’ll surely get your body moving and head bobbing and thinking at the same instance.  They invited a few guests along, including Kaigen (Fake Four Japan), ODT (Nightmare), Dye (Chamber Records) & ALR affiliate Lyricon AKA “Captain Hook”.

Out of all of Acid Reign’s catalog, this release in particular will most likely throw a one-eighty at their fans, and may even leave them asking questions.  But there are no answers or explanations for an ever-evolving brand of music, just the essence of artistic expression lingering in the aftermath of what was.



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