MIRAGE THE ILLUSIONIST (Philadelphia, PA) – Goodbye ///

Mirage The Illusionist was born September 22, 1989 in the gritty streets of Philadelphia PA where most fall victim to the streets or jail time. Even though his family was real close it just seemed he would always be an outcast so with that being said he was always known as a loner. He spent most of his days locked in his room trying to find himself and also to get away from the struggles of street… life that so many young black males faced. Still he was always surrounded these evils and sometimes it started to break him down since he never really fit in a crowd. This is around the time he found his love for rap music, it always seemed to help him out with the troubles he was dealing with. Soon enough he began writing his own lyrics and being the dedicated person he is he started to perfect his craft. Though at first people were amused by his attempts to rap so he began to engage in aggressive street battles as a kid. After that he just felt like he had a place to belong now. But as time went on he started to adapt to his surroundings, hanging with the wrong crowds and also failing in school horribly. The teachers were convinced he had a learning disorder. He claims ” I just felt like school wasn’t the right thing for me so I didn’t think there was a reason for me to be there”. At 17 years old Mirage dropped out of school for good claiming he had a different calling than most people, for some odd reason he just felt he would be successful no matter what. But unfortunately this is when the drugs and violence came into play, After getting arrested a couple times he felt a need to change mostly for his mother who loved him dearly but was disappointed with his actions. So as time went on he noticed he could make a career out of the thing he loved most, he watched as other rappers took flight in the business. Being influenced by artist such as Nas, Rakim, The Roots, Mos Def, and many other rappers with the more conscious style of hip hop he started to discipline himself. Soon after becoming very talented he met a young producer from New Zealand by the stage name “Concept” on myspace. After building a strong business relationship the two formed a group duo called “Mirage and Concept” which was Mirage doing the song writing and performances and Concept doing the beats and mixes. The group went on to release 3 successful internet albums (“Long Days and Nights”, “The Rejuvenation” and “Inner Pains”). After attaining internet success the two went their separate ways to work on their solo careers. Mirage The Illusionist released his first solo project called “The Transformation” in 2011 on which was not nearly as successful as his projects with Concept. Feeling discouraged and defeated the young artist felt he needed to take a break to work on his image and music. Since then Mirage has been performing all over the east coast of the U.S. making a strong name for himself. He recently came in second place for the coast2coast industry mixer philly edition and new york edtion (philly – 11/27/12 and new york – 1/28/13) and also hitting the stage for alot of other huge events through out the U.S. Now he is set to release his second solo project called “The Truth Hurts” on April 28th 2013 and also has stated him and concept might be in the works for another album.
new mixtape “The Truth Hurts”

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