BLAC HEAT (Los Angeles, CA) – The Invitation ///

The name Blac Heat can be described as a mysterious energy, and his rap style resembles just that. His songs range from an up-tempo beat that will have you jumping out of your seat, to a deeper darker side which seems to connect with audiences of different demographics on a domestic and international level. Several words that the Emcee uses to describe himself are: Spontaneous, Goofy, Open-minded, Blunt, Confident, Creative, Crazy, Ambitious, Hardworking, Dedicated, Down-to-earth, and Random. All of which are aspects that can be found, or should I say heard, in his music.
Blac never hesitates to talk about his past experiences rather it’s dealing with family issues, the ups and downs of relationships, or even the touchy subject of his childhood growing up in foster care and placement homes. This is an MC that truly expresses passion and soul in each line delivered in his music.

Inspired by rap music occurring in the early 90s, Deltron Blac Heat Jackson began his hip hop journey at the age of 11 years old. Rapping more than a decade and a half, he has developed a respectable name for himself within the Los Angeles hip-hop scene. Some of his accomplishments include

– 8 Solo projects

– Over a Dozen Music videos

– Best Solo Male Mc of 2012 (Urban Underground)
– Los Angeles Chapter leader of the Music&Strength crew

– Music featured on local and international radio shows

– Music featured on Video games… just to name a few but instead of reading about Blac Heat take a listen for yourself to familiarize yourself with one hip-hop’s most talented Mcs.

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– Youtube –
– Soundcloud –
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