G1NE (Chicago, IL) – What’s Going On ///

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Born and raised on the west side area of Chicago, L.A.W. as a youth has seen first-hand and been involved in the corrupt environment of inner city living such as gangs and gang rivalry, poverty, and criminal activities that he views as “just another day in the slums”. Although his musical career started at the age of 16 while he was on a variety of collaborations and producing for other local acts, at the age of 19 he knew he had a unique calling to speak on the life that he chose to escape through the music he created when he experienced two near fatal occurrences resulting from the life he thought was his only option to live.  After recording 3 previous albums, L.A.W. still feels, work, and operates as if he knows he can change at least one life through his music, with his “straight to the point, reality, uncut and exactly how it is” delivery that he entitles “Truth Music”, he decided to go hard in the booth again with his latest release, which is the EP “Holy War”, in which the title speaks on the good vs. evil of today’s society. “I feel like I’m different, like REAL different. I don’t do this for the fortune or to get famous, or to please people by misrepresenting and glorifying a life with no purpose. I do this to bring hope to my listeners, to offer them life instead of death, wisdom instead of glamorizing acting stupid, cause at the end of the day, when you take that dirt nap, we all got somebody to answer to.”

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