THIRTEEN (South Windsor, CT) – Driftin’ ///

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Austin McGrady (born Brian Austin Hernandez; June 17, 1995), better known by his stage name Thirteen, is an American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur & visual arts designer. McGrady’s passion for music began at the age of thirteen when he started writing lyrics to cope with everyday stresses such as school and problems at home. In 2010, he began recording demos in his home with a simple USB Microphone & Adobe Audition and became known in his hometown of South Windsor, CT for his unusually obscene and controversial lyrics, mainly discussing issues in the town relating to misogyny, the education system, and even at times calling out specific individuals. In 2011, McGrady was hospitalized in Silver Hill Hospital for mental health due to an unsuccessful suicide attempt at his South Windsor home. It is said that in the week he spent there, he gave birth to his alternate persona, “Austin McGrady” which was a portrayal of how he was inside of his mind. After this incident and being out of school for a couple months, he returned to his music with a song entitled “Champion” that stated everyone has potential and that everyone is a “champion”. The song (later accompanied with a music video) was well praised among his friends and family, also obtaining its own article in the Hartford Courant coinciding with McGrady’s story. Shortly after the release of the video, he was hospitalized again due to unconfirmed reasons. Afterwards he returned to school for 3 days, then, due to differences with the school system, was taken out of school and home-schooled through online classes. Focusing mainly on his production, Thirteen has began producing for other artists however releasing songs here and there, occasionally hinting at a possible demo/album.



Instagram: @austinmcgrady



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